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Best answer: @ Legion and Ted K There is now a criminal investigation into the handling of ballots by the Democrat election officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties. It is spelled E L E C T I O N F R A U D. Standard Democrat tactic since forever.

A. The fake Indian B. The fake Mexican C. The old rich white person

Best answer: It would not surprise me if HC ran again .. I think she has her heart set on being President. Personally - I don't think it's the best of ideas for her.

Best answer: Fine with alt right wing fascists like libcrusher.

Best answer: Liberals want them to have voting rights. Name one reason they wouldn't want about 20M extra voters and I'll come off my stance.

Best answer: Yes. There needs to be a Constitutional Amendment protecting American's right to vote.

Is Putin a nationalist?

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Best answer: Yes they can, and with help from DNC central they may actually get at least one of them. It is up to people like you to demand that voting rights be respected, and see to it that those who would deny the freedom of the vote to citizens be tried for treason.

The next year?

Right now about 70 Percent of minorities vote for the Democrats and about 90 Percent of college students vote for the Democrats. All the Democrats need is an 80-90 percent turnout of the minorities and they win. There is a good chance that Texas will go blue by 2020 and that means Trump won't even get... show more

Best answer: how about we all agree that bojangles has some good french fries