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Best answer: not true. check your facts

Best answer: I feel a Red Tsunami is on its way.

Best answer: There is a time that Europeans are more interested in the United States than Americans. It is when we vote for president.

Best answer: Neither of my senators are voting for him.

Best answer: it is customary not to announce, ---no matter HOW many times you are asked---------until AFTER the Mid-terms. Mid-Terms are the bell-weather, of which way things are swinging, and what your chances might be. The results will embolden some, and perhaps make Others re-think their chances. that doesn't... show more

Best answer: Who knows what was meant . However , if someone gets offended every time someone says monkey , then maybe they think they are a monkey .

Best answer: How should I know?

Best answer: Harvey Weinstein is a narcissist and I don't think he'll be voting for Trump (or anyone else for that matter) in 2020.

Are you voting Republican or Democrat and do you think the Democrats could flip the house, senate or even both?