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Best answer: Their Hail Mary passes may include election fraud, Political abuse of the DOJ to arrest or at least falsely charge Democrats..Abuse of executive privilege, etc. No need to change the rules, they are already circumventing or just ignoring the existing rules, thats just business as usual for them. They may have some... show more

I truly hope so! Let's make our country not great......but PERFRCT!!!!!!

Can a party install two or more candidates for the presidency? Is it convenient? https://www.boston25news.com/station/sea...

Who will you vote for ?

Best answer: After Obama and the bozos who the Dems are rolling out, his re-election is guaranteed. The Dems' only hope would be the second coming of Harry Truman I have discussed this with my tribal chiefs and this is our mutual conclusion

Best answer: Yes. And I do too.

Is not voting sort of like defecating in the potted plant at a party, and then saying "scuse me"

Best answer: Maybe something like, "Resistant is futile so we're actually here to try to win based on our sound and rational ideas". But then of course they'd have to come up with a reasonable party platform and there's no sign of that happening.

Is the Electoral College fair?

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Best answer: I feel it is worth the time reevaluating, and reassessing our dependence on age old laws, including voting.

Best answer: None.......Trump has to go. Don't care who is opposition is. He's a moron. Pee Wee Herman couldn't do any worse.

Best answer: Of the declared candidates -- not the undeclared candidates like Biden, O'Rourke, Bloomberg, and Sanders -- I would say Harris or Klobluchar. There are two things that makes it hard to predict. First, the Democrats are just finalizing the rules for the debates and changes already adopted in the delegate... show more