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Is Prince Charles getting senile?

10 answers · Leipzig · 3 days ago
Best answer: He’s been senile since he downgraded from princess Di to horse face Camilla.

Are there any photos of the royal family on bicycles?

4 answers · Royalty · 12 hours ago

Best answer: Yes, he won't need to dress as a clown just be his normal self.

Best answer: I bet that in the pre nup it clearly states that she gets the title and loads and loads of cash. She deserves it for marrying into the extremely dysfunctional Windsor clan.

grandsons of Queen Victoria

Best answer: I apologise on behalf of LILI, she's going through the change. Doubt the Queen ever thinks of these long dead scroungers, all she thinks about is Jeremy Kyle and bingo.

Best answer: Are you suggesting that the woman is suffering from BSE ?. She should be contained.

Whilst President of the illustrious Trump University, did Trump award himself a doctorate?

Can you believe people born in the 2000 are adults?

5 answers · Dortmund · 4 months ago
The 21st century is running out of diapers, it’s eldest are 18.

What is your stance on Net Neutrality?

106 answers · Dresden · 11 months ago
This week could be a poignant moment in net neutrality. What are your beliefs?

Do we need more recruits into The Wandenreich?

7 answers · Dortmund · 1 year ago
Best answer: Well we have attempted to get more recruits but to no avail so no.

Best answer: Berenice Gabrielle's epithet is called "The Question" How it works is that she is able to question someone about themselves which weakens them maybe. Jerome Guizbatt's epithet is called "The Roar" How it works is that he creates sonic screams that cause damage.