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Best answer: No, that creature will NEVER become Queen of this nation. She is and will forever be "that woman", she has NOTHING going for her whatsoever. She is HIS wife and NOTHING to do with the U.K or ANY other of the Commonwealth Realms. Only people in her husbands employ, need pay lip service to the vile creature.

Do you deny the power of the Children of Truth?

4 answers · Rome · 3 months ago
Best answer: I do more than that! I challenge you and your Children of Truth! Come and face me, that we may do battle! For I answer to George the Galactic Troll!

PS. R u Italian?

5 answers · Milan · 10 months ago

I have also noticed desperation, insecurity, ridiculousness, assertiveness, mockery, and scorn. And all of this has been in the many questions, answers, comments of all the questions within the last hour? (in case any atheist wants evidence for this, they can simply examine the last hour of... show more

If you are speaking Italian in an Italiian McDonalds would you ask for a Chicken sandwich meal or a pollo ? ? Same goes for the veggie burger meal