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Best answer: The thing is every acting job is temporary. So it could be a “full time thing” until it’s not. For example, you get a gig with a repertory theater and work full time for several months and at the end of the season you’re out of work and have to find another job (acting or otherwise). And attempting a... show more

Best answer: A performance that allows the audience to experience the world in a different way. That moves, educates and entertains because all the many components work together.

Best answer: There aren’t certain facial expressions required for any type of acting. Voice acting is acting. It involves a lot more then an interesting voice. You’re creating a character, expressing an emotion, and telling a story. That means incorporating facial expressions and physicality is important. It lets you become... show more

Best answer: Neither. A voice actor can have the script with them but, the last thing they would want is to sound like they’re reading. It should sound extemporaneous and in-the-moment. And the sound engineer is not going to want the sound of a rustling script during recording. So the pages of the script can be placed on a... show more

How to be a film actress?

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Best answer: Basically, to make a start as an actor, you'd need to - 1) Have loads of natural talent. 2) Get a few years of training at a good, accredited acting school, going from the basic classes to advanced ones. 3) Get experience in a wide range of stage plays and shows – not regular high school stuff 4) Learn to sing... show more

Best answer: Whatever accent your director says. Oz is a fictional place - there is no set accent. Your job as an actor is to help the director bring their vision to life.

Best answer: Stage Acting You Act to the Audience, You Have to Project Your Voice, Subtle movements and eye movements are not seen. You have make your actions big enough to be seen. AND THERE ARE NO RETAKES Camera work is personal some of the best examples of this are in the Godfather, where a raised eyebrow and a almost... show more

However, I was homeschooled, and am not currently in college. Additionally, growing up, my mother liked to inform me how grateful she was that I wasn t an aweful theater brat , which means I was never in any clubs or anything. Her saying that doesn t affect me now, I m my own person. It just means I have zero... show more

Best answer: The only way you can get past this is to practice. Some dance lessons could help with the terminology and the changes in choreography. But you are the one giving yourself stress, relax and just enjoy the process. Rehearsal is the way you learn what you need to perform.

Our High School theatre department happens to have very little african americans in it, just because of a lack of interest in our program. We are doing high school musical next year, obviously.

Best answer: Of course. Fame, money, attention don’t necessarily mean success. People need to define “success” for themselves, regardless of their career choice. Defining our own success makes each person autonomous and authentic. And how you define success will probably change over time as your life progresses. That’s... show more

I ask because the filming industry is very big in Atlanta now with plenty of popular movies being shot. And their are film studios in Atlanta as well. Some call it the Hollywood of the south is this true? But if you wanted to take it seriously as an actor wanting to pursue a Hollywood dream is ATL a good place to... show more

How being an actress is difficult?

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Best answer: First, like any craft it takes time and effort to be really good at it. There’s a lot involved - auditioning, analyzing a script, building a character, memorizing lines and blocking, rehearsing, taking direction, working with a cast and crew and performing for an audience. Second, professional acting is a... show more

What makes Gilbert and Sullivan's works light opera while Roger and Hammerstein's works are musical theater? Is it wrong to call The Mikado a musical or South Pacific a light opera?

Can an adult in thier 20s that likes to be 15-16 be cast as a main character in a disney channel or nickelodeon show? If so does going to college for theatre and film help? Looking for good wats to break into the singing and acting world.