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Is Acting Really Difficult?

7 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: It takes intelligence, conviction and passion. These amount to talent. The only way to tell if you have talent is to get involved in some amateur productions. It won't be wasted time, believe me. Another route is to act in student films. Most often they don't pay, but you need to get experience somehow.... show more

Best answer: You should stop acting altogether. You don't have the right personality. Actors get rejected all the time - it's just part of the job. Typically, even a professional actor will get rejected from 99 out of 100 auditions. If you can't be happy for those who get good roles and graciously accept any... show more

They are looking for Britons who have made notable achievements to appear on the £50 note. I have boxs full of £50 notes which I use to tip at Michelin star restaurants, my beaters, taxi cabs, ushers and so forth. Why not Mr Robinson a man who at risk of his own life tirelessly has worked to expose paedophiles... show more

Are Theatre Shows Recorded?

7 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Almost every professional show is recorded, however, the majority are recorded for archive purposes. That is usually one static camera at the back of the auditorium and the result is quite grainy and poor. They are not for showing to the public - they are merely a record. There are some companies such as The... show more

Are Theatres Different?

7 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: The Noel Coward theatre is slightly smaller than the Old Vic (seating capacity 872 compared with the Old Vics of 1067). There are 4 levels in the Noel Coward, the Old Vic has 3. If you have yet to buy tickets and want to know what the view is like from the seats, then the theatre Monkey website has reviews from... show more

Best answer: He wants to know if you're going to juice him for child support for 18+ years for a child that neither of you intended to create. It's a pretty valid concern.

Hello, I m 17 turning 18 in a few months. I am currently in college doing 3 levels, history, sociology and English. I finished my gcses a year ago. However I really want to get into acting and it s something I have always thought about but have never done anything about it... I was wondering where would I start as... show more

Should i just give up?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Without seeing and hearing you act, we can't tell you if you have any talent or not. Some people could have the best training on earth for 50 years and still be terrible actors. Or it might be that the people who are getting bigger roles are just better than you. Or it could be that if you see ensemble roles... show more

It was my childhood dream to become an actress. However, I kind of drifted apart from it because writing got in the way. I’m about to graduate Communication Arts next year and I want to try acting. I already tried acting on stage once for our theater class. One thing that makes me think twice is the effort that I... show more

Best answer: I live in The States. Wasn't he the poor man who was jailed for speaking the truth and repeating information already in the Public Domain. Good on him!

I'm not interested in being an actual actor, but considering my circumstances I just want to learn how to act convincingly.

Best answer: You don't fake it, unless you want it to sound phony or you're looking for something stereotypical and unorigional. If that's the case then just listen to what you think is a "good" sinister laugh (I'm sure you can find one on the Internet). Then work to imitate it. See most voice... show more

Does Acting Matter?

5 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: "house of cards" (American version) is a soap opera. The British version (which includes :House of Cards, To Play the King and The Final Cut) was far superior. West Wing was episodic -- a series of more or less stand-alone stories (except for the last season)

Best answer: They don't like to be considered so unskilled they're given line reads. They all want to be considered talented enough and well enough known that their previous work is all they need to get a part.

Best answer: If you took a course online you would be missing out on a whole heap of valuable lessons which come along with working with a group of people. How can you learn properly when you have no one to bounce of, watch and learn from? How do you learn team work when there is no team? I suspect that voice acting schools... show more

Best answer: This is a bit of a late reply, but as a haunted house actress, yes! We'll break character to help someone up, comfort a crying child, or just give you a high-five if you ask nicely! Our job isn't to terrorize you. We want to make sure you have as much fun as possible.

Is the musical show Wicked awesome?

5 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: I've seen it on Broadway and in a touring company, and enjoyed it both times, even though musicals aren't really my favorite. If you're considering going, I urge you to.