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Best answer: Uncircumcised mac

College in Europe ?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
I am 16 years old and before you think i am some ignorant child i just want to say i’m very intellectual and self aware. I want to further my education after high school of course but I really don’t want to feed into the terrible education system of being in debt for a long time. I have decided i’d like to travel... show more

I'm a freshman in highschool and I need some study advice. Thanks :)

Do americans speak like on movies?

3 answers · 2 weeks ago
I've trouble understanding the americans speaking on Hollywood movies and also on TV series, I'm learning English. But I've no trouble understanding documentaries and some YouTube videos. I'm thinking about going to America in some years, I do know my English I'll be way better till it happen,... show more

Yes it isn't easy but I would love some friendly advice

If the mentally ill students starts fight with the normal students on a daily basis is that okay?

Study in New Zealand or Australia?

3 answers · 2 weeks ago
So I live in New Zealand and i am planning on studding Veterinary Technology but i want to specialise in Australian animals as i am planning on moving there. Would it be better to study in Australia or study in New Zealand and then move to Aussie and learn about Australian animals on the job?

I live in the USA and am considering moving to Australia to study at university. After thinking about it, I want to study 3 different bachelor degrees (law, business and finance). Am I able to study all 3 and major in one at an Australian university or so I have to study all 3. If I have to study all 3, how many do... show more

Best answer: - [only lists with "stars"] [actually ranks #1, 2, etc.] - [covers all of US; the top ranked school in California is... show more

I'd like to study abroad?

8 answers · 1 month ago
I would like to do my 11th-grade year of high school in France I do have family over there so I don't have any problems with the living situation but id like to know how I can make it possible

Best answer: No, not in the USA, Nurses do clinical and teaching majors do student teaching. That is part of the program and not called an internship. Internships are not require for an Associate or Bachelor degree.

Best answer: There are agencies that arrange Au Pair positions and take care of the visa issues. I would suggest Spain, although I love Italy, the food and the lifestyle. But learning Spanish would be a definite job skill for you for the future.

Does anyone really talk about Canada?

8 answers · 2 months ago
I am American and I know for a fact many other countries talk about America I even forgot Canada existed lol I feel like noone talks about it we here about North Korea Japan Europe Rome Afghanistan Syria Sri Lankan Australia Africa And so many others But noone in America or that I've seen never talk... show more

I’ve been studying abroad in France for about two months now, and I still have 8 months left to go with this host family. It’s not that they’re horrible people or treat me badly or anything. They’re actually pretty nice and I think they are good people. The biggest problem for me is that, bottom line, I just don’t... show more

Best answer: Extremely unlikely.