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Do they believe in minority rule?

Best answer: Sanity is in often the eye of the beholder and the minority of voters that put Trump in office are still rooting for chaos over a continuation of Obama era policies they didn't like. Electing Trump was commensurate to pulling the pin on a grenade just to see what would happen.

What is free education? Does CSK Free Education exists in india?

4 answers · Thiruvananthapuram · 1 year ago

Best answer: Try grinding them and set up an IV

Best answer: The big Maharaja (made with Chicken)

How should I store ghee?

14 answers · Mumbai · 2 years ago
In the fridge or in the cupboard (away from light)? Will it go bad if not in fridge? Will I get food poisoning?

Which is the best restaurant in Andheri West?

11 answers · Mumbai · 2 years ago

Steve Smith says "Australia are here to win the T20 WC.

Where can i eat egg chops in PANJI Goa?

4 answers · Panaji · 2 years ago

Best answer: That seems innocent enough as long as she didn't actually flirt or touch him affectionately during the interview. Most teen kids use the word "hot" to describe someone who is more "cool and cute" compared to the old definition of "hot" which used to mean "sexy". The woman... show more

Let Me Know the Benefits of Digital Restaurant Menu?

5 answers · Delhi and NCR · 3 years ago

How old do you have to be to go in bravo night club ?

6 answers · Delhi and NCR · 3 years ago

Where is the best place to get burgers in Australia?

5 answers · Thiruvananthapuram · 3 years ago
Best answer: Clem's chicken shop at Newtown across the road from 7 Eleven store. They make the best double bacon and eggs burgers for only $5.50. very greasy but very yummy. The BEST.

Which is the best place in Mumbai?

25 answers · Mumbai · 3 years ago

Suggest any good pubs in Mumbai?

11 answers · Mumbai · 3 years ago