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Why won't black Hebrew Israelites consent to a DNA test?

13 answers · Trying to Conceive · 7 hours ago
Best answer: Because they know darn well they are lying about being Hebrews.

Best answer: Juliette, Grace, Willow or Maeve for a girl. Logan or Sebastian for a boy. Yes, I know I didn't pick just one. Couldn't make up my mind.

Should i go through with my abortion next week?

17 answers · Pregnancy · 1 day ago

Best answer: I'm 32 and don't want to have kids. I don't have the urge don't really care. I do however want to get married.

What are some boy names that you like that start with T?

64 answers · Baby Names · 4 days ago

Can I legally name my son Adolf?

47 answers · Baby Names · 3 days ago
My girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and I told her I like the name Adolf

Is it 35 years old woman to old and risky to have a baby?

12 answers · Newborn & Baby · 14 hours ago

Does this name sound bad?

12 answers · Baby Names · 14 hours ago
Solar Erza Elizondo

Should i masterbate?

22 answers · Newborn & Baby · 2 days ago
First off, I haven’t had sex since May 2018 I was 5 months pregnants, I had my baby in August and still no sex since her father is in another state. I get the urge to masterbate sometimes but I feel bad since my baby sleeps with me she has her little matress but its next to me. I was holding off on doing anything... show more

Can i still get pregnant at 45 yrs old?

14 answers · Pregnancy · 1 day ago

Margaret becames Margaretbeth (but pronounced mar-ga-ray-beth) Genevieve becomes Jenivivica Beatrice becomes Beatarich (but said as beet-uh-rich) Thank you

Do you like the name Alvin?

29 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

Do men think that short women are unattractive.?

21 answers · Adolescent · 2 days ago
Short = 5'5" Do most men think they're ugly?

How to tell a 5 year old about death?

12 answers · Parenting · 1 day ago
Yesterday I had to tell my daughter her great grandma passed away. I started by telling her something she could relate to by talking about our dog that had passed away a year ago and went to heaven. (My daughter had known my grandma was in the hospital sick for a couple weeks and praying for her). I had explained... show more

Thoughts on Girls being in Boy Scouts?

22 answers · Parenting · 2 days ago

Best answer: I've never heard anyone admit to doing that or even seriously considering it. Supposedly a friend of a friend's girlfriend quit taking birth control without telling him, but I don't even know if that's true and I can't remember whether she even got pregnant, according to my friend. (Though if... show more

Richard? Worlds worst name?

28 answers · Baby Names · 3 days ago