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Do sheep run when they see you coming?

14 answers · 12 hours ago

I just died. What do i do?

13 answers · 17 hours ago
I just accidentally died and i don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any advice on accidentally dying? Thanks in advance.

Best answer: Anything is fine. You are dealing with dregs, after all.

Best answer: We shouldn't. There are a host of other at risk demographics that are not allowed into the Armed Forces. The military is not a social engineering petri dish. it should not be. It has a mission, and that mission is to fight combat battles, not social ones. And it should only accept those most easily... show more

Best answer: Cry in our coffee in a cup made from China, setting on a chair made in China at a table in from china, into a hanky made in China after seeing it on a TV made in China!

How many of yall getting the chip?

11 answers · 1 day ago

Are the tires any good?

Do clowns like to carpool?

9 answers · 11 hours ago

Best answer: What is that in Celsius?

Best answer: The Apache for sure

Say someone get's shot in the middle of the street, would NASA be able to use this theoretical telescope to see it happen "live" but an hour after it happened? This thought keeps me up night.

Cat ate Dog?

11 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: As long as the dog doesn’t start to purr, it should be good.

Best answer: Boiled Egg .. an egg cooked, in it's shell, in direct contact with boiling hot water. Poached Egg .. an egg cooked, out of it's shell, in direct contact with boiling hot water. Coddled Egg .. an egg cooked, out of it's shell but in a container, in the heat of boiling water (or in the steam produced). show more

Best answer: David Crockett got into trouble with his ex-wife when he forgot to remember the alimony.

Are running shoes hard to get?

8 answers · 12 hours ago

Best answer: You drop down and polish it for me, hear, honey!?! Signed, Newell...YOUR TOP BOY!!!!!