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Best answer: It may save some lives, if it saves only one life then it would surely have proved itself. I imagine that using similar technology to that which is already available in some cars would work, you might need to introduce other features to prevent false alarms – And obviously avoid having the equipment causing or... show more

Best answer: I grab a cylinder at stops. It Does Work, better than Nuthin'. Cools that hot running Vee-Twin , also. Riders must be tough; only if your hands cramp and don't grip any longer should you go to fur lined gloves or something. Electric gloves Work, Yes, But, those Wires. You Will eventually break... show more

I have a chinese dirtbike and when i went to my local dirt bike parts store they asked what bike i had and i said it was a chinese bike and they said they wouldnt have any that would work. But to my understanding there are other dirtbikes that use a 16mm kickstart so if i say i have a normal brand bike that also... show more

Best answer: False premise.

How easy to drive Motorcycle?

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Where is the battery in a wr 125?

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Harley sportster 1200s 1998. I had my shop install a new mikuni carb in my bike and I’m not sure if it’s the shops lack of ability or know how to tune a carb or what but it’s brand new jets plugs petcock vacuum line throttle cable choke cable and I had the intake seals replaced yet the bike is having major issues... show more

Best answer: You need a bike that you can upright from its side. So forget the big heavy monster bikes. You need a bike that will not let you act like an idiot. Something around 350 - 400 cc is about right. Plus you need to check seat height. If you can not sit on the seat and easily get your feet to the ground to... show more

Best answer: Helmet parts can be had from dealers... sometimes... especially for the more expensive helmets: Arai, Schuberth, Shoei. You don't tell us your make and model helmet. Another possibility is a dealer who's cannibalized a same make / model helmet for parts... again, more likely with higher-end helmets. You... show more

I was knocked off my motorcycle yesterday and it was a case of driver not looking and hitting my rear as I passed. Can’t see how I could have avoided it, but I flew over the bars and took a tumble, I’m not badly injured just bruising and road rash. But my helmet took a nasty hit and is all scraped up and unusable... show more

Dirtbike eletrical problems.?

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My 2016 TTR-230 was having issues with the starter and ignition. Whenever you turned the ignition on the starter would automatically start spinning and wouldnt turn off even when the engine would run. I checked the solenoid and cleaned the connections on it and everything was fine, but the bike would still do the... show more