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Best answer: Not necessarily, but some are. My mother's maiden name got anglicized though from Dutch. I am not sure why, I guess my great great grandfather thought he didn't fit in enough with his Dutch surname, but his name totally got butchered and Anglicized, and morphed into a very super English surname. People... show more

Best answer: The Philippines was colonized and controlled by Spain from 1521 to 1898. :)

Questions about my last name?

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My last name is Karspeck and my family and are unsure on the history of our family. I was wondering if anybody has an idea of where my last name could be from? I know it could be anything but I just want a general idea of what nationality it is and whatnot. all responses will be greatly appreciated.

Are ancestry DNA test accurate?

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So I I thought I was Mexican American but I guessed not.... The ancestry DNA test came back and I'm like 60 percent European 34 percent Mexican wtf 38 percent Mexican 36 percent brtttish \northern Europe 15 percent Spanish 6 percent French 3 percent Portuguese 1 percent basque 1 eastern Russian 1... show more

Best answer: and what do you plan on doing? sifting the entire beach? After some , what??-----70 years of waves and tides? hoping to find some bone fragment you can test? and that presumes he was lost on the beach at all......and not one of those killed in the water, before he even hit the beach. Your odds of finding... show more

Best answer: We usually number the greats. Your 6th great grandmother's great granddaughter could be your third great grandmother, your third great aunt or, as Maxi said, 2nd cousin 5 times removed.

Can a lot of african americans claim british identity. There are many africans with names like Jackson, Jordan. Of course, some of these names were just changed on purpose based on plantations that slaves were forced to work. But many plantation owners also had sex with their slaves.

How are we related?

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So my best friend recently started genealogy and we discovered we have the same person in our trees. He is my best friend's 6th cousin 6x removed and my 7th cousin 5x removed. What does this make me and my best friend, if anything?

Best answer: Hi simply this jews where persecuted over many millennium so most emigrated to other lands. that is why israel now gets such financial support. from those who found a home elsewhere in the world. the facts are such that most want to be buried in the land of there fore fathers on the mound of olives. so there you... show more

Is Park ever an English surname?

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Best answer: English and Scottish: from Middle English, Old French parc ‘park’; a metonymic occupational name for someone employed in a park or a topographic name for someone who lived in or near a park. In the Middle Ages a park was a large enclosed area where the landowner could hunt game. English and Scottish: from a... show more

I have been on Ancestry for a while and I have my step grandfather's ancestors on there as well. I consider his parents my step-Great-Grandparents but, if he's only related to me through marriage, would his ancestors not be considered my own? Even through marriage?

HART is one of my best friend from Middle School back in 2004. His name is ROBERT HART and also my former middle school assistant principal whose name is SUSAN HART.... Is the surname Hart as common as Smith, Johnson and Miller nowadays?