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I have an old Av receiver that supports 5.1 Dolby digital and dts through its DVD player it sounds amazing but I’m having a hard time inputting surround from my tv, I have the standard rca red white cable hooked but it’s not working well, can rca even carry surround or am I doing something wrong,

Hi, I have an old home theatre (Samsung HTC 420, with 2 passive front speakers, 144W and 3 Ohm, and one SubWoofer with 134W and 3 Ohm). The amp of the home theatre is gone and I want to recycle the speakers and potentially also the sub as audio system of my current PC workstation. I then searched for a mini-amp... show more

Is there any chance this to be some sort of isolation and where to place it so the buzzing to stop?

I could be more specific, but I think the answers would be less interesting.

and setting the volume with the hifi

Best answer: No. You would need a 4k disc player. However, all 4k disc players will also play regular BDs, DVDs, and audio CDs. That is called "backward compatibility".

So a lot of 4k discs i own only have a Dolby Atmos track for the english. But my surround sound system is only a 5.1 channel system. It's wired via an optical cable, but I'm wondering if this will have any negative effect on the quality of sound since the Atmos track is probably trying to use more than 5... show more

Best answer: Dunno. Is this a physics question? A question about infinite baffle design? You could mount a speaker onto the side of a barn and find out. Lets be clear. For dynamic drivers, the driver itself is rarely ever the whole mechanism that a sub woofer is. It includes the driver, but also the baffle, or ... show more