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Life isn't enjoyable?

17 answers · 2 weeks ago
I want nothing. Everything in life seems uninteresting. I don't want to make a family, don't want a lover, don't want friends and don't want material objects. I feel trapped. I want to throw away everything I own and stop existing to everyone I know. It probably wouldn't be so bad if I... show more

Best answer: democrats do not like America...if they did they would not be pushing legislation that would destroy Her...unless they are just that un informed.....which most likely IS the case..

Best answer: Uninhibited racial heterogeneity (presence of malignant alien culture).

Best answer: One tablet can't see what another tablet has done. Set a password on yours if you don't want anyone turning it on and probing it's history. He can't look at your history on your tablet from his tablet.

Why do liberals look their doors?

10 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: They are too stupid to lock them.

I have a fear of batteries leaking?

6 answers · 5 months ago
I have older electronics that I buy refurbished cuz they're cheaper then new ones and I'm worried the battery might be leaking in my iPad or phone and it gets on my hands so now I'm scared of touching my iPad or my phone cuz of this. They both are lithium ion batteries....do these type of batteries leak... show more

Is Walmart a good place to shop?

9 answers · 6 months ago
Best answer: depends what your shopping for, like if for general everyday use things, yes, food also is fairly priced, although some of your local supermarkets might have better deals on some things.

I have tried different kinds of stylus, some are better than others, but I have yet to find a stylus that works exactly the same as my finger on a touch screen, is there such a thing? I have a device with a delicate screen (epaper), so I am looking for a stylus that works just like my finger with zero pressure... show more

The game's main idea is a king having children with his wives to continue the family tree. It's a very pixely game, on of the things I likes about it. Anyone know anything??

Can Kindle HD get malware?

4 answers · 7 months ago

I remember the very first tablet or mobile device I had was a Compaq ipaq pocket PC that I remember buying for about $600 from Sears back in August of 2000. I remember then using it to take notes and a couple of other things in my last year of highschool in 2001 till 2002. I think by 2002, I may have either sold it... show more

Odd question?

4 answers · 11 months ago
Ok so I saw my friend putting something with a red light in his pocket and I want to know what it was. I just barely saw him slide it in his pocket but it and a red light and it was like a small rectangle (maybe metal). Any thoughts!

Best answer: I had a check and asked down the local mosque. They were quite rude and said if i didn't leave they'd call the police. I appear im Court next week for breech of the peace