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Why am I getting these phone calls ?

6 answers · 17 hours ago
Every so often, I get a phone call . When I answer, I say "Hello !", and nobody at the other end says anything . Some of these phone calls come from inside my state, and some of them come from another state . My cell phone has a caller ID feature which lists all my incoming and outgoing phone calls . When... show more

Apple or Android?

28 answers · 1 week ago
And why?

When I had an iPhone I just named it iName with my name obviously. I have a galaxy note 9.

Best answer: No! Whats app does not have access to "LOCATION SERVICES" on your phone. It also does not include in it's API any ability to expose the location of a host. Even the routing data used to send packets to and from is transient and not exposed. If you could get that routing data it would only expose... show more

Best answer: Sounds like the glass shield was defective and/or the guy at the store put it on wrong. I've used one on my previous phone and it was fine. I should put one on my current phone but i've been lazy.

I found an iphone yesterday with low battery, i waited until someone called. I turned it off after a few hours to preserve the battery in case they called later, When i turned the phone back on it was on "Lost mode" with a number to call. I called and keep getting forwarded to voicemail, i also texted... show more

Iphone in sea water?

8 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Sea water is both corrosive and conductive, and it gets worse when you add electricity - there's probably nothing you can do. Drying it probably won't help as you'll just end up coating everything with a thin layer of salts. I'd start by boiling some distilled water for a few minutes to get rid of... show more

IPhone SE in 2018?

5 answers · 7 days ago
Best answer: The SE was discontinued when the XS & XS Max were announced. If you really care for the small size of what is basically a 6s, then by all means. Only thing is you'd have to look harder for a new one or settle for a refurbished/used again because of the discontinuation.

Best answer: You can always try it. Back in 2007 I had a Nokia 6120 Classic, which was quite the phone for its time. According to the manufacturer it could support micro SD cards as large as 8gb. A couple of years later I put a 16gb card in it. It worked just fine, and I could fill it up completely.

Found lost iphone?

6 answers · 1 week ago