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What is my guitar worth?

5 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: That exact model is only $299 new on Amazon. In good condition, it would likely be worth around $200 - $240 or so - but a lot less while needing a bridge repair. The cost of that alone is likely around $100 - $120, so it is worth very little as it is. No one can try it out until it is fixed, so little attraction... show more

I'm planning on buying a new pair and I don't want these to break like my last ones did....

Best answer: CD players appeared in the early 1980s. My GF at the time wanted to get one and we looked at them together. 'Separates' (i.e. a CD 'deck' that you plugged into your existing stereo) were around $700-800. CDs themselves were in the $12-18 range. Some time around 1986 I bought a 'portable'... show more

Don't ask me how this happened

Is the iPod Touch worth getting?

7 answers · 4 weeks ago

Fissure on ipod nano's box?

5 answers · 4 weeks ago
Hi guys, good morning. Last month I finally bought a brand new 16GB Gold ipod nano (7th generation) and since then, it's been in its box and haven't unboxed it yet due to a very busy schedule at work. But I'm very happy to have bought it. I plan to unbox it as soon as I have time. Actually, I keep it... show more

I've been thinking about buying a vinyl record player for a few months now and been look at some old vinyl records that I would buy and there's also some new bands that have vinyl out that I would love to buy. What would you recommend for me to buy to play old and new vinyl on

Best apps for making music?

4 answers · 4 weeks ago

Best answer: U have to go to a phone place a replace the battery apple doesnt want people getting in there devices so go to a phone shop i recommend ubreakitifixit

Best answer: I can tell you a big d really amplifies me to make loud noises.

How many speakers are in headphones?

13 answers · 1 month ago
speakers come in 2-way. 3-way. 4-way variants, how many speakers are in headphones?

Best answer: That's happened to me before. I think the tape just wasn't wound properly or tightly enough, so when I played one side all the way to the end, the other started working fine. Funny it didn't do that when I just fast-forwarded.