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Best answer: Or instead of starving tens of millions of elders to death we could maybe cut back a little on military spending.

Like, strong male social workers would be assigned to help raise fatherless black children. Even better if the social worker is black. It's a job that would require commitment, to be sure. Are you fundimentally opposed?

Guv'mnt came 'n took muh breakfast?

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I'm pregnant.

Food Stamps Question?

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Im new to food stamps and was wondering, can I buy dougnuts made at gas stations?

Best answer: No, there is no such power within the US Constitution.

Best answer: Yes. the same standard must be applied to all of the constitution.

Best answer: You are correct. They came into both world wars tw years late, after all the hard work was done, but they take credit for winning.

Best answer: That would seem reasonable. Of course, that was also illegal during the last Obama census. What they did was count the millions of illegals and then gerrymandered the districts to increase the democrats in the House. Roughly, 1 million people equal 1 Congressman. So, if there are 10 million illegals, there are... show more

What does this sound like to you?

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Best answer: The platform of the DNC.