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Best answer: Liberals think that any country in which the dictator hogs everything, while everyone else is poor and starving, is "great." Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

The op ed was written by a Republican hand picked by Trump, NOT a Democrat. People inside the Trump administration are horrified at Trumps incompetency. What further evidence of Trump being completely over his head and immoral is necessary. Trump supporters appear to be either totally corrupt or as dumb as dirt.... show more

Best answer: Ancient Aliens.

What you think of china ban islam?

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Best answer: That is state atheism for you. Although China allows freedom of religion, it is very limited and religious institutions are under strict supervisions. Currently, 1 million Chinese Muslims are detained in a part of China in re-education camps to make them atheists. They are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol... show more

...instead of some other freely chosen form of respect?

Best answer: Israel. Most Arabs are not terrorists, and Israel should treat them better, but arabs claim a land that’s not theirs and demand to add it to their 20 or so other countries. Israel is the jews’ homeland and one of only 2 democracies in the middle east. Arabs would also be much worse off under an Arab government.... show more

What can you do when someone is hiring illegals and does not pay their fair share?

Best answer: Yes they are, their brand of multiculturalism involves using a paint chart.

Best answer: Melania. Lucky him. :)

Why do people say things like...?

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"I'm tryna...", "hey, wus up wichoo?" and so on instead of speaking correctly?

How you like democracy, huh?

House for a 3rd term?