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The violence and drug trafficking in Mexico will never end until the USA starts getting serious on not letting drugs into America. For example, the Sinaloa Cartel led by el Chapo is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. If you take the Sinaloa Cartel out of the map, there will be 1,000 other people trying to take... show more

Best answer: 6 are democrat states (Washington, Oregon, California, Vermont, Maine. And Massachusetts) 3 are purple (Michigan, Colorado, and nevada) 1 is Republican. (Alaska)

Best answer: If liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards. Ah , the simple pleasure of being able to trigger a liberal with a mere anonymous post.

Best answer: Why do you hate Trump. Is it because you are an underachieving loser and nee someone to blame it on???

They will build the wall in areas where the illegal alien traffic is the worst and will also install video cameras and motion sensors.

Best answer: Conservatives don't see something as a problem unless it's their problem. So if they live on the east coast, and the issue is drilling in protected areas in Nevada, for instance, they do't care. If it involved ruining the environment in the next county, they don't care. If it's where THEY... show more

Best answer: It is illegal to rent to anyone who is not legally able to live in the country and so landlords are breaking the law if they the minimum tenancy is 6 months part of the check of any tenant has to be that they are legal...huge fines to the landlord if they do.......same with employers they legally can't... show more

Best answer: No, they had one vote already. This is basically saying have as many votes as possible until you get the results you want.

Best answer: Japan has had high speed trains since 1964 and has moved over 5 billion people. The US should just hire the Japanese or Germans in a trade deal.

How many genders are there?

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Best answer: 2 Just Male and Female


Do you love or hate Trump?

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Best answer: Lets put it this way I don't think there would be many countries queuing up to help the United States.

How many stamps are needed?

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If I write a 10 page letter and use a manilla envelope, how many stamps are needed to mail it out?