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Best answer: For one thing, half of Israel would be wiped out because the square milage of this entire region is about the size of New Jersey and there would be no safe place to hide from such a blast. Then there's the UN's ability to send in troops, which no nation would want to see.

Best answer: she could smoke peace pipe

Best answer: I already wonder about her mental state, so he more recent rant about not needing to be civil in politics is not surprising at all. There is a meanness and nastiness associated with that woman.

Best answer: You / she only needs one guy.

Best answer: I doubt there is anywhere in that particular part of the world that would get a enthusiastic response to gay marriage.

Best answer: By international convention, they are expelled and allowed to return either directly or through a neutral country. Usually, diplomatic relations break down before war is declared, allowing a more orderly withdrawal. Iran is the only country to have broken this convention.

Best answer: Illegal immigration doesn't make countries stronger. It costs the tax payers more and more money

I read the instruction paper and I realized I did not print my full name and birth date on the check. Has this happened to anyone else? :-( Do they reject the application?

Best answer: You are mentally blind; laughable garbage.