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I read the instruction paper and I realized I did not print my full name and birth date on the check. Has this happened to anyone else? :-( Do they reject the application?

Best answer: You are mentally blind; laughable garbage.

the soviet union was the second most powerful nation on earth right after the united states. how on earth is it possible for a communist filth to be so immensely powerful? is it because human capital matters more then an economic system for a country to be powerful?

Work? I have a friend who is talking to someone and has agreed to be her wife to come to US? How strict is US embassy when it comes to these types of fraud? Of course they have it all planned out because she has done it before from a woman she met in the Philippines and is about to do it again. I want to report... show more

Best answer: Trump.

Best answer: He needs to consult with the embassy himself to find out what his options are. You need to get a restraining order on him for your own protection. Yes, he will be homeless for a while, but he will go to the embassy for help and they will probably tell him what his best options will be.

My 12 year old son had to pee very bad and we were walking past the French embassy so we went inside and asked to use the bathroom. They wouldn't let us and my son ended up wetting his pants in public. I'm furious and want to boycott France. Have they violated international law?

Me and this guy really like each other we been working together for a long time but he just got fired. Without him there I just don’t feel motivated he was the only thing I actually enjoyed. We live right next to each other sometimes when I arrive home he would be next to my house but now I hate being at work..... show more

Can anyone help me ?

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I need help im from Afghanistan

What is USA 52nd State?

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Best answer: Not yet. More to come in the future. It may be Mexico

I plan to go to the US next year to attend a cousin’s wedding. I was wondering if the US consulate will know if I work in a government? I have two jobs: (1) govt employee (2) work on our business on weekends and holidays. I wanted to just mention about working in our family business so that it won’t be too much of... show more

Best answer: Yes tiger woods has ancestry in both black and Thai ethnicities and he had many extramarital affairs so that would be one way to describe it

Best answer: No. You need a lawyer for that, Peace.