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They researched over 1 billion pieces of data including: race, sex etc. And found d absolutely zero effect. They analyzed states with voter ID laws and compared them to those without and found that voter ID laws did not affect citizens.

Best answer: Unless you have been arrested in or deported from a country, or are guilty of a felony in your home country why would you worry?

Best answer: No thanks, not my scene.

And they're actively plotting to overthrow the United States including making one of theirs the president so they can get Americans killed? I'll give you a clue who it is.. their last name rhymes with jorvez... Draw a political cartoon of a Hispanic walking right up to an American while waiving their... show more

Why is USA so scared of Russia?

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The person sent me all the documents, passport, driver's letter etc ... but I do not know if the documents are original.

I just found out I messed up 2 numbers at the begining of my application but all other numbers are correct. Will my application go through?

America must be MULTICULTURAL ! There cannot be multiculturalism with a white majority. This is why America must NOT be white majority. White majority breeds racism

Best answer: The shutdown only affects 25% of government employees.

He's a conservative and is incapable of evil because of it!

Best answer: Yes Even if there is video evidence the GOP controlled Senate would never convict

"Moving questions to different categories to retaliate/hide questions" "My suggestion is that people who currently have the authority can still move a question that is in an incorrect category, but if the OP moves it back, then, that question is locked into that category."

I was chilling up in the hills cops came Nd my friend started panicking taking all rapidly and **** so they know something was up so they stepped out Nd said if we have being doing coke we said no Nd he respond I can see it’s on your nose so he’s like step out handcuffed me Nd search Nd found what I have wrote on... show more