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Steven Crowder backed out of a debate with Sam Seder. Ann Coulter and Candace Owens backed out on Secular talk, Tomi Lahren backing out on David Pakman, and Ben Shapiro not wanting to debate anyone at Politicon. What's going on?

What political party is brainwashed the most ?

66 answers · Politics · 1 day ago
Best answer: All of them

What is the best thing America has ever done?

37 answers · Politics · 17 hours ago
Best answer: Scientific breakthroughs.However,I think if you had a list of what america has done well and what it has done bad....America would be going to the bad fire,if it does indeed exist.

What is the problem with Nancy Pelosi?

27 answers · Politics · 5 hours ago
The President offered her a WAY better (from her viewpoint) compromise than I would have. But she calls it a "non-starter" immediately. She's such a hater, she'll turn down anything Trump offers.

Why does President Trump dislike immigrants?

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How long will Trump hold our government hostage?

59 answers · Politics · 2 days ago

Do you support or oppose the wall?

177 answers · Politics · 3 days ago

Michelle Obama would be a good president?

193 answers · Politics · 3 days ago
what. do. you. think. ?

Why did the baby boomers destroy america?

17 answers · Politics · 19 hours ago
Best answer: You can't put all or even most of the blame on people who were born between 1946 and 1964. LBJ's 'Great Society' with its invention of Medicare, and a Congress that started taking money from the Social Security trust fund and leaving behind IOUs began before a majority of Boomers could even vote. ... show more

Will Donald Trump be reelected?

35 answers · Politics · 10 hours ago

Do police officers call your phone to let you know you are being arrested?

35 answers · Law Enforcement & Police · 1 day ago

Why is it so hard for racists to admit they are racist?

223 answers · Politics · 4 days ago
same goes with xenophobes, homophobes, islamaphobes, etc

Best answer: The most common way for undocumented immigrants to enter America is via a border checkpoint. A wall wouldn't stop these people. The second most common way for undocumented immigrants to enter America is by coming on a tourist visa and never going home. A wall wouldn't stop those people either. The most... show more

What's Trump doing today?

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Do you think that Trump is healthy physically?

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Best answer: LOL

Did he really expect we wouldn't instantly see that's code for the Magnitsky Act?