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Best answer: yes

Best answer: There's a chance, but they have to overcome the cheating of the GOP to get there. EDIT: Moon Shot is an idiot who doesn't think voter suppression, illegally purging registered voters from the rolls, or gerrymandering amount to "cheating". Says all I need to know about how fundamentally biased... show more


Best answer: Tell his parents. Even if he is thirty. Yes, it is a **** move and you'll lose a friend, but he won't go to jail.

Best answer: Joe, I really don't care about the infidelity. What consenting adults legally do in their private lives is none of my business and I have no problem respecting the privacy. When the reps took Clinton to task for lying about his wet willie w/ impeachment, that's one of the more embarrassing chapters is US... show more

Taking Trumps lead and bashing them while they’re still fighting these fires and recovery bodies.... You know, be decent human beings for once

I'm a proud member of the Republican Party?

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How about you?

Should Trump declare war on France?

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What's wrong with gun control?

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Describe Donald Trump in three words?

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Why can't we just castrate paedophiles?

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It doesn't need too be like physical scalpel and lab coats type of deal, it could be chemical castration and there could be like a 3 strikes and your out type thing. Seems pretty reasonable too me.

Best answer: Yes.

Best answer: I don't think conservatives realize how insulting this is. This belief implies three things: 1) Minorities are not motivated to vote by a sense of civic duty or common good; 2) Minorities aren't smart enough to see the truth; and 3) Only conservatives are smart enough to see the truth. It's no... show more

Best answer: Trump never learns.. He will keep make bµll$hits...