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Best answer: He wants to keep his EU Pension pot, currently its on around 70,000 euro per year, it will be paid after UK leaves the EU and (he might not mention this) it will be paid by the British taxpayer, he needs to hang on until Britain leaves to ensure the full amount...

Do u think jeremy corbyn is a nice man with a nice beard?

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all other animals are not stunned before being killed because Muslims eat them and demand Halal meat

sometimes I get a sense black women despise themselves.

How should the goverment shutdown be resolved?

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Would Dianne Abbott make a good Prime Minister?

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Same position as the current PM had before she took office. Would the Yellow Vests emerge from our wardrobes ?

Do you feel that blacks have enriched the UK?

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Best answer: No. Only an eradicationist or a very severely cognitively scrambled type would agree with such a stance. Effects of the presence of the African demographic in British society: 1) Higher crime rates (particularly violent ones) 2) Facilitation of Islamification and Islamic activity (15% of the UK African population... show more

Best answer: if you are my friend, for how long will it last when I rip you off its a way of life

Why is Phil still driving?

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He's got form, on being a lousy driver.

Why is Diane Abbot accusing bbc question time of racism?

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Best answer: The audience backed her up: 'The BBC is facing an angry backlash after members of the Question Time audience revealed biased treatment of Labour’s Diane Abbott, including riling them up before shooting, making fun of her and inaccuracies on polling.' 'Members of the audience came forward after the... show more

Bomb goes off in a Northern Ireland: more Brexit enrichment?

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I'd imagine that Brexit will put up candidates to try and oust all Remainer MPs