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Best answer: Daylight should be the deciding factor. As long as you can see what you are doing, the neighbors should be happy that you cut your grass...not like my neighbors.

why not just you use your human waste, urine and feces as fertilizers. Or excrete your own waste directly on the plants?

Best answer: Assuming you are keeping it sufficiently watered, that strawberry plant has a serious problem, to the point where I suspect it won't survive. Too much water seems the most likely reason. That pot it's in does have a hole in the bottom, right? Too much water causes the roots to rot, and the plant to... show more

Best answer: Grass is cooler than concrete. Grass cools itself and its surroundings by the evapotranspiration process. Each grass blade acts as an evaporative cooler. You should be able to feel the temperature differential with your hand.

What tree is this?

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It's in England, no clue if it's native or not though. No history on it either. Thanks

Best answer: Place oak trees 20 to 25 feet apart for optimum-growth forest stands. This distance gives plenty or room for the seedlings to grow and share nutrients. Clear a site for oak trees a minimum of 25 feet from building foundations. If you are planting them in a field you can grow oaks in open fields by planting them at... show more

Best answer: I live in a cold climate and I bring in all of my herb plants each winter. In the summertime, the plants are individually potted and grown outside on a baker's rack. In the fall, the baker's rack comes inside and is placed in front of a sunny window, all to go outside again in the spring time, after all... show more

This Bush when fully grows has red green leaves and attracts fly and all sorts of bees I have been to identify it I have other pics

21 out if 26 seeds came up.

I hunt night crawlers in my back yard for bait but every time I harvest them, they all die off on me. Why does this keep happening to me? I use my hands to gather and store them in an old Coleman plastic lunchbox. I melted a few drain holes, make sure i provide fresh moist dirt and a hefty supply of organic... show more

I live in town, and have a very small lot, about 40 " by 100". I would like to grow my own produce because 1. My food budget is about $125.00 a month, and I would like to eat healthier, and 2. I would like to know where my food is coming from, and to use netting rather than chemicals to control... show more

Growing in North California.

Whens best to mow a lawn?

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want to do it when its best, but also not wake anyone up, but also not annoy them when they are off work. during the day on my day off or the weekend? my wife says not to do it after rain, but its a nicer smell

Lately I took up gardening as a hobby to ease by stressful lifestyle. However after 6 months, I became more stressful and depressed. I got more problems to worry such as watering, pests, illness such as rots, etc. Thus, I got sleepless nights due to ill plants in my garden and trouble relaxing. Everyone told me... show more

I used to have a lot of tiny toads in my yard at my old house and at my new house I haven’t seen any around, why did they go to my yard in the first place and how do I get them back? I love them so much!!

How to mow thick grass?

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Best answer: Try mowing with half the mower on a spot with no grass to mow. You also could lower the wheels on your mower so it has less grass in the mower at one time, then raise the wheels so you can finish mowing it a second time. I have also tilted the mower by pushing down on the handle, then letting the front back down,... show more