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I am seeing a lot of flowers in the trash can last valentines day. I am feeling a bit of sympathy to those flower growers for this special occasion. I am now wondering, why are the couples waste such a beautiful product made/arrange by people who cast a good luck love to them going to trash bin? I want to... show more

Rose, Lily or Tulip?

what is the reason cant? I read that it can be planted in partial sun or shade, but flowers best in sun, so what is wrong with full sun?

Best answer: Is some kind of fabric wrapped around the root ball? If so, lighten the load by removing the fabric, and also remove all the soil around the roots. Put bare roots in a shallow wide hole and refill hole. Make sure to plant the tree high, exposing the root flare, so that you can see the top or roots at the surface of... show more

My other plants are doing fine. I think it's in this condition because of over-watering.

I'm trying to create a place for my succulents and wanted to make them a 'roof' outdoors. I'm planning to put acetate as a material to reduce the intensity of the sun since succulents do not like direct sunlight. Would the acetate as a material be effective? Or does it help reducing the rays of the... show more

Best answer: In general, west to east, due to the rotation of the earth. However, locally, wind may come from any direction, usually due to temperature differences where air will move from areas of higher pressure (usually warmer) to lower pressure.

I have 5 golden duranta plants and two of them only get an 1.5 hours of sun in the morning and 1.5 hours sun in the afternoon because of my neighbors big tree that blocks almost all sun to my yard. The tag on the plants says they need full sun to partial shade, will they survive?

Best answer: Unfortunately it is too frigid for plant life to thrive there. If it were to warm up, then it would definitely be possible. Underneath the kilometers of ice, is a vast ancient jungle, so we know things grew there thousands of years ago.

Best answer: Totally agree ! I love trees they are so amazingly wonderfull !

What is the name of these flowers?

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Is talking to house plants weird?

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Best answer: If you stop talking to it it will die. I talk to all of my plants they look forward to it.

It has been getting a lot of rain in the last couple months and are backyard is flooding. The retaining wall for the hill side is leaking. I am not sure if it is normal and design of retaining wall to allow water inflow to the backyard.