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Can peas be grown in a container?

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Best answer: I can see from your comments that you have your mind made up, but let me try to address your comments anyway. It should be obvious ivy doesn't do anything for a tree's health. Even if it doesn't kill the tree, the ivy is competing for the same sunlight and nutrients. Also, unlike ivy on a mansion,... show more

Best answer: Some thieves are smart enough. They know that the security system would trigger if they move inside a home. To trick the homeowners, they throw a small animal (cat, bird) inside your room, thinking if there is a motion detector, the alarm would trigger. If someone is home, they would think the animal initiated the... show more

Best answer: beat the shiit out of them with an umbrella :^ )

Help identifying stone!?

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I bought at an antique store in Kansas from a Native American seller. I would imagine the stone is native. Sorry for the poor quality of photo, I couldn't get it to focus up close.

When exactly to plant corn?

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Best answer: Yes, loads here in the West Midlands, UK. Roses, geraniums, upright and trailing, nemisia, trailing petunias, osteospernum, even one clematis.

How long would it take to kill a cockroach by stepping on it?

the oak has no brain, no heart, no central nervous system. Yet it can spread roots, grow branches, grow and add bark, add tree rings, produce and drop leaves, produce and drop acorns all while being waterproof. Every spring two oak leaves sprout in my planting bed. I assume an acorn got there somehow, but the... show more

Best answer: Yeah. All natural. Not the roasted salted kind...those are now dead. I mean, if you wanted to grow some and cross breed it with marijuana or something so the higher they are, the higher you can get.

So one of my neighbors right next door to me left branches from a tree they trimmed by the road in front of my house. I don't want to be responsible for it or get fined. I am not sure which neighbors did it as we are surrounded by trees and had downed trees/branches from a storm, but the branches definitely... show more

Is weed a plant?

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Best answer: It's Solanum laciniatum. It'll grow into a small shrub if you let it, so you may want to pull it up. As most plants in the Solanum genus are, it's pretty toxic.

Whats the best shrooms to grow?

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