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Best answer: Because He sets up a terrible example that we have to suffer in order to do good.

School is gay?

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How do I make a fake degree?

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I have already been teaching for 2 years and I want to move to Dada abc online teaching. They ask for a bachelor s degree in any field. They want a photo of it. Can I just print one off or order one? Do they actually research the document or just look at the shiny writing?

Let me say that I am a dedicated teacher candidate/ student teacher. I am typically a perfectionist when it comes to assuring that my lesson plans and supplementary materials are inventive, engaging, and meaningful. Furthermore, I enjoy lesson and activity planning. However, there seems to be a disconnect between... show more

Best answer: The teacher MUST report such an incident by law.

My teacher called me lost during my senior year of school it still hurts me till now back then I didn't know what to do so I just shouted at her. Help? Im in my last semester at University

Best answer: The question should be .. Was he EVER a teacher? The first answer is OK but it would be better of you said .. Yes, he was a teacher once. The second answer is fine as it is.

I don't know if there are any teachers out there, but I have to take a quiz tomorrow that I'm really unprepared for, and because it's online, I want to look at my notes. My teacher asks that we use safe exam browser, but I was wondering if there was something that would let them know if I took the quiz... show more

Best answer: Depends why he got fired. Having sex with a student? No. Rigging exams, selling scores, that's another story.

Best answer: Yes I agree. Being an expert at the subject is one thing. Teaching means to transfer what you know to your pupils. How easily and quickly they learn and how much they retain determines how good the teacher is.

1 He was once a teacher. 2 He used to be a teacher. Thanks!

So in German class she was teaching and she passed back quizzes and I failed mine so I asked for a retake form bc everyone can have one and she told me she doesn’t think I deserve one and I told her that isn’t fair and she suddenly slapped my face in rage so I slapped her hand back and then she hit me harder so I... show more

I felt as if the teacher did it because she thought i am insecure. And I also thinknthat her advice is illogical because as a humanbeing I naturally care what people think

I am a Music Teacher, and I use youtube to show my students music they should learn. My teacher computer broke, and I used my phone to show them the song I wanted them to learn. Something terrible happened when I did this. I pressed P and as soon I was about to go to Porgy and Bess, (a song called summertime) a... show more

I like my teacher?

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Well, for starters, I fantasize about him a lot. He's checked me out before, and stares at me quite often in class. At first, I found it uncomfortable, but it was as though I was trying to persuade myself to believe that. When, in actuality, I sort of... liked it??? Idk. I think about him a lot, which makes it... show more

Best answer: I think your job is giving you unnecessary stress. There should be some boundaries I think. You serve from 6-8 hours daily, but bring work home makes you a servant for longer. Sometimes even if you don't bring home actual work, you bring home with you stress of doing that has to be done the next day. You... show more