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Best answer: Cons. first., then libs will think about.

Best answer: True. I had many that hated me. Certainly most of them.


How exactly is having an atheist say to u "happy holidays", instead of saying, "merry Xmas", a war?

17 years old and I'm a pretty smart person when it comes to learning math science history grammer algebra and learn about health and society but one thing I didn't know that I wished I didn't have to look up was emotions and feelings I did not know what that means so I had to look it up in a dictionary... show more

How true is this statement?

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Only atheists bring up the offensive, gross sin of homosexuality, but then blame Xians for bringing it up. ^ side note, NOT MY statement, i adamantly assure u

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDR7YbKF... I bet that no one on the Left is capable of doing it. Instead they will just say the guy in the video has no idea what he is talking about and they are right and he is wrong

Best answer: The ones that watch conservative “media”, trumptards ans many others

Do i have cancer or am i trippin?

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i’m a 16 year old boy and i obviously have acne. i get cysts behind my ears and around there and i have one behind my right ear right now and noticed i also have a swollen lymph node right next to it. is the swollen lymph node caused by my acne? or do i have cancer even tho that sounds dumb af

Why are Liberal men so feminine ?

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Best answer: Many Liberal Men aspire to be Women.

and you understand there is no going back