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Best answer: Legally nothing can be done. You move on.

Best answer: Nope

Say aged 16-18. If so, what are the signs and symptoms?

Here's the thing: I couldn't find specific answers to my questions via a google search, therefore this was my next stop. PLEASE only respond if you have had experience with dyslexia/learning disabilities. I DO in fact know that you cannot "diagnose" me, and clearly, I need to be screened by a... show more

Just wondering, because many people say that autistic people have slightly higher intellect than normal people (Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.). Is it really worth having that intellectual edge over non-autistic people for not being able to get laid?

my mom babysits an autistic kid and if things like we talk to loud or the tv it to loud he covers his ears, why does he do that, does it hurt?

Our son is 7 and autistic. He has recently outgrown diapers during the day, but still wears them at night. The doctor says he will likely be out of them by age 10 or 11. I change him every morning, but my husband thinks we should teach him to change his own diapers. Husband thinks that it's not appropriate... show more

I have a student who will most likely be apart of a sheltered workshop. She is non verbal, hates loud noises and crowds, and has limited motor skills. What types of sheltered workshop jobs would be good for her?

Because- I’ve meet someone online, and she was once on a severe level, and she became very mild functioning after what she told me.

Are these sighs of autism?

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My daughter is two and I feel like she has always been "Different". She doesn't like to play with other kids, when she plays with her siblings she is aggressive, doesn't not like to share "but again she is 2" has a hard time calming down from tantrums and will have them for almost no... show more

Best answer: I have Asperger's and my opinion is that it is definitely a social disability, but can also be a useful intellectual asset. As I'm sure you understand, people with Asperger's can become obsessed with understanding every minute detail of a very limited topic. The trick is to learn to be comfortable... show more

Best answer: You go into the school and have a meeting wiht the special ed director. You listen to their reason why they fell your son will be overwhelmed. And then you tell them why you feel he won’t be, You go in knowing your legal rights and your son’s legal rights . You go in knowing school and state policies on this... show more