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College question?

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If I double major and get a bachelors in two areas of study, will that take the normal 4 years or will it take longer?

Best answer: Not at all. MUCH common sense is derived from instincual knowledge and/or life experiences. Some thing cannot be learned from books and school.

Best answer: You're an adult. If you want Daddy's money, you abide by Daddy's rules. Or else change your major, get a job, and work your way through school. Loads of college students work their way through school because they want or need to be independent. Many parents cannot afford to support their children & pay... show more

Best answer: Here's the way it works in the United States: When you successfully complete high school ("secondary school"), you receive a high school diploma. If you successfully complete a two-year program at a community college, you receive an Associates degree. If you successfully complete a four-year... show more

Ok. I m going to school in New York and I m from California. One roommate is from New York and the other is an international student. The international student already have the single bed to herself while the other one seems to not really care.

So I am going to be a senior in highschool and the future is really stressing me out. I have maintained a good GPA and could get into a university if I wanted to but I’m not sure if that is a smart idea for me. I really enjoys music and would love to pursue something in it. Such as production/business/or... show more

Can I get into Stanford?

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I have a GPA of 3.98 and I've taken a total of 8 AP classes through the four years of my high school, but I don't know if that's enough AP classes.

I’m going to be a freshman this year, any tips?? Thanks!!

My undergrad is in economics, then at last second, I added English as well. I thoroughly enjoyed both so far, but grad school is much different then undergrad. I have a cool MBA program at my current school, and enjoy the way this private university goes about teaching business and values. However, i dont feel im... show more

I didn’t do to well in High School, got a 2.5 GPA and I’m planning to go to Community College. I heard other people that didn’t do well go for 2 years at a CC and then once they finish their associates for a certain major they continue as a Junior when they Transfer? This is possible right? I live in California

So I will be starting college soon and I am debating on if I should use both. I will be commuting to campus and will be parking off campus so I will need to carry everything I need with me. Should I use my purse and a backpack or would that be too much? I am nervous about going to college so any advice on how to... show more

Best answer: Many criminal justice majors don’t become police officers. There is more you can do,with that degree. Other students aren’t going to care or have an opinion about your major

How long do it take for a community college to view your application And is August to late too apply for the fall semester (I applied)

I filled out a application with a college for fall semester but they was slow at processing my information so they switched me from Fall to Spring. Today I was emailing a college my information that was missing off of my application. And today they emailed me back saying they didn't accpet unofficial... show more

I’m going into my senior year in in high school soon and I ended my junior year with a 2.44 gpa. I know it’s really low but I’m just trying to see if I have a chance of gettin into any 4 year universities. I took the SAT and got an 1120 and I plan to retake it to try raise my score since I didn’t practice for it... show more

Public Speaking?

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Im a freshman in college and im sorta nervous because ill be taking a public speaking class thats only for two weeks on fridays, saturdays and sundays. If you have ever taken a course like this what was it like for you? Also what was the the class size like?