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I’m a senior in high school and I am almost ready to go to college. I just wanna know if I need to ask to use the restroom or just go (so I don’t humiliate myself)

Best answer: As long as they are not the remedial classes that are offered for the people who don't do well on the placement tests. 100 level courses as the others have mentioned. Not something like 080 math. That's not going to count. The art class should count. But take English and Math as well.

I think professors should fail their republican students

Ok, so I honestly don't mean to sound arrogant, but i'm currently a college student full time, and every time i'm in class and these boring lectures I can't help but think to myself "wow i'm going through all of this just to graduate and work a 9-5 job and then die". Again I don't... show more

Best answer: Agree

I just realized school sucks and It would be better to work for the post office.

Best answer: Budget cuts, or their department was eliminated, their function was outsourced - all sorts of reasons.

I feel like a loser?

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My dad is calling me a loser.. I am 22 with an A.A in accounting.. I should have bachelors degree by now 😢 my dad is telling me this degree is not good.. and that I’m going to be on the street 😭 I haven’t started university yet.. but I will this spring................. I am trying to ignore him and not be... show more

(in the technical field)

Best answer: Either your questions are too long, too boring, too complex or just lost in the thousand other questions and no one noticed it.

Best answer: Have you done any acting or taken any acting classes? Have you joined your school's drama club or tried out for any school plays? If you haven't even auditioned for a school play, then you're a long way from becoming a successful actor. Get involved with theater somehow while you are still in high... show more

What would you do?

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I'm attending college 45 minutes from home and next semester I'm thinking about living at home instead of dorms to save. It's 10k a year to have a room here, and if things go the way I hope, the classes I'll have till only be Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would work in my hometown on days I didn't... show more

How do you become a scientist?

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Okay so I’ve always wanted to find out how to find cures to health issues like cancer cuz of personal reasons. On the other hand I live in Canada and I’ve done some research but I’m 15 so I don’t know too much about future jobs yet. Idk if it works differently in places like US or not. I’ll be choosing my courses... show more

I’m changing my last name from Murphy to Toledo (my parents divorced when I was little and I’ve only ever lived with my mom) would it complicate the college application of my name is changed??? Should I wait to get accepted to college to change my name?

Best answer: The thing is that if you leave accommodations now, they can't rent that space to someone else. So you'd still be on the hook for the charges. What are the rules/what's in the contract? Can you leave in the middle of the year, or are you committed to staying until the end of the year? I understand that... show more

Best answer: Only 33 percent of the American public even has a bachelor's degree. Fewer still have them in STEM fields, a good school, or with good grades. There are lots of ways to set yourself apart.

Best answer: If you are not trying to transfer any credits, technically you do NOT have to send those transcripts. The sticky part is when did you actually graduate from high school? IF you have been out of high school for three years, you will be asked what the heck you've been doing. You don't want to lie. Also,... show more