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Best answer: Tomorrow

What is Del Taco's beyond meat made of?

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Or delivery places? I don't trust the employees that they hire in such places. They'll hire pretty much anyone. If I can't see them making it and watch them very closely I don't wanna eat there. You never know when someone working there might just not like you for some odd reason.

Is it a human right to have a toilet seat at work?

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Best answer: Well, no it isn't a human right but it is disgusting. Why are you still working here? And the health department should be contacted.

Best answer: If it were, would people work?


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Best answer: She is just plain rude.

What do you think of Remainer Jamie Oliver going bust?

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Will he now be able to leave The UK if we go for Brexit (his bust company is a limited company, not touching his other wealth).

In N' Out or Whataburger ?

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Getting 0 hours at my job, but they wont lay me off?

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I know a company and throughout the interview process, they have a bunch of secret tests. For example, they call you for an interview late and see how you respond. They make you ask them if they're still in the process of scheduling you a final interview for the final interview to happen. They act purposefully... show more

Should I quit my job?

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Best answer: Suck it up dude, ya got another year and a half to go...

Why is Hindi such a disgusting language?

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I mean it sounds so rude and every time I hear it, it makes my ears bleed. Every third word of Hindi is so damn disgusting. Why is it so? Am I xenophobic here?

Is Trump going to cancel the 2020 election?

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Best answer: yes and then he is shipping all liberals to australia

Best answer: No. It's fine to only like certain things at Mcdonald's, I only like specific stuff from Mcdonald's too.