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Atheists, what love is?

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Best answer: Yawn.

What more do liberals want?

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Best answer: Good economy. A single mother struggling to pay bills and care for her kids after her husband/bf left, on 10 bucks an hour. Homeless veterans. Ford had a billion dollars in losses- lay offs. Sears and Kmart closing over 100 stores. Booming.

What's the point from being an Atheist?

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How does this nihilistic approach towards life benefit me?

As Americans, we are living in a Christian nation founded by men who were strong followers of the Lord. Thank goodness we finally have a moral president back in office now. We really need to move quickly in getting our nation back on good moral footing. The things I would really like to see: - Stop immoral and... show more

something about her really seems snooty, unfriendly, judge-mental, selfish, superficial etc, I just cant even stand to look at her face, but obviously Prince William saw something in her, what was it? how compared to Merkle? why think so?

What is your go to meal when eating out?

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Best answer: trump is a skkkum

Best answer: They prioritize the short term over the long term. If we don't care for health, education or the environment will that be good for the economy of the future?

Best answer: The only blood E Warren has in her is that of a sea hag.

Do liberals ever stop complaining?

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They sound like angry 3 year olds on repeat

McDonalds Makes my Legs Hurt?

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It’s so random, but whenever I eat McDonalds right afternoon the first few bites my legs hurt. Why?

Why no Africans work at McDonald's?

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Best answer: dey too good for dat yo

Best answer: It will be an abomination and most likely suffer from sickle-cell anemia and mental health issues in later life.

Best answer: Maybe they are so delusional they think they are doing the royal family a favour. These question movers are usually the ones who complain about TROLLS. Yet they are the biggest trolls around. They are desperately unhappy with not being very successful , that question moving doesn't really work, and their own... show more

Best answer: No, that creature will NEVER become Queen of this nation. She is and will forever be "that woman", she has NOTHING going for her whatsoever. She is HIS wife and NOTHING to do with the U.K or ANY other of the Commonwealth Realms. Only people in her husbands employ, need pay lip service to the vile creature.

Best answer: Metallica