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Remember back in the day, you would shut your tv off and the picture would shrink into a dot, and linger for awhile? What caused that? And wouldn't it be nostalgic to see it again? Now the tv just goes off all it once immediately. Boo.No fun.

Best answer: You could - but the single series battery would still discharge twice as fast as the parallel ones, and as all the current must flow through that single one, you cannot draw more than with just two together in series anyway. If they were rechargeable, with that setup of three the charge states would get messed up... show more

I just got a brand new set of DVDs. They aren't scratched but are in perfect condition, but they keep freezing in my DVD player. The DVD player is rather old, so I'm wondering if perhaps it needs to be replaced, or if it by chance could be the DVDs, although they are in perfect condition. I'm just... show more

What is this thing in the picture?

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I found this going through old stuff. It connects via auxiliary jack

Best answer: I don't think, I know as fact. The term is capitalism. Corporations only accept a positive profit or a product gets canned. Can't get any cheaper than material, construction, QC, than from China. That $1000 Iphone you bought cost Apple all of $26 including shipping being made in China. Look at all the... show more

Long story short, I connected my charging cable to my work pc to charge my phone and suddenly my s7 started beeping loud, and now this cable only works when I plug it to my laptop however it stop working when I connect the cable to the charger base. any solution?

My family and I are traveling to Chicago this summer. I bring my portable charger everywhere such as school, malls, movie theaters, restaurants, ect. You name it. My portable charger is square and a little big. I use it so my phone doesn t die. i asked my dad about it. He thinks I can t bring it with me because... show more

Best answer: I am a licensed Ham Radio operator. Never heard of a tuning fork in a radio. There are crystal oscillators but there are little devices on a circuit board. A shop mechanic would NOT know how to replace that. They would just replace the whole radio. Belts ? Did you change any ignition parts or spark plug... show more

No sound from speakers?

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I have the Samsung BD-JM63. In a middle of a video which it occurs three to four times a day. the video will pause or the suddenly stop, it will power off, be off for few seconds then power itself back on. I have looked for software updates there are none I have also did a factory reset. considering buying a new... show more

Best answer: Good quality door and window locks and bolts. And use them.

How can I get my earbuds to stay in?

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Best answer: I live in the Philippines. We have half a year of thunderstorms. The only time electronics go off is during power outtages. Cellphones? They remain on as long as they can.

It says june 20 of delivery, its currently may 4

I got this little picture viewer in I wanna say 2008? I lost the charger a while back and have been searching for a charger that fits forever. I would really love to find it so I can see what's on this thing!

How can I make a device that would transmit sound to the other room without me hearing it from my room?