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8.50 am this morning (Friday 22nd March 2019) when I went into a supermarket to buy my lunch, before that 7.35 am this morning to pay for my bus ticket (the company that operates the service I rely on will ONLY accept cash.

Extremely poor. How to ask the IRS for a waiver?

Is one way better than the other? I know some employers will match your contributions, but I have only heard of that in regards to when they offer it. Would they do that if I set one up on my own through my bank instead?

Best answer: Short answer, yes. You do only need a cosigner over 18. Just make sure it's someone you trust because if their name is on the account they can access the funds. However, it is not true that a minor has no rights over the account and the adult has to OK any transactions like one user said. You can get your own... show more

What happened to my TD Bank account?

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I was negative in my checking but I also had a savings (0 balance) connected to the account. I checked back onto my online account and was shown, "Please check with your company's online banking administrator." and it won't let me do anything. All evidence of the account is gone, I checked my... show more

Best answer: As soon as you start earning you start paying. As a guide, 20% of your take-home pay should go towards your food and rent until you earn enough to pay a realistic amount. I started work when I was 15 and was happy an proud to hand over a fifth of my first wage towards my keep and to keep doing so.

Is $17,000 good in bank at 17?

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I am about to graduate college and I was wondering what I can do to start saving for a house. I went through college basically debt free, and have a decent job set up for after graduation.

I’m 22 and am now in the process of setting up 401k. I plan on investing in it until I retire around 65. Here in the picture are my options. Is there any one I should put 100 in or should I put a little here a little there? Any particular ones and why? Would I need to re-adjust what I choose over time? I’d... show more

Banking sectors

Best answer: That is idiotic. Kids need: 1) Parents/adults to model wise financial behavior; 2) Parents/adults to teach them about financial management; 3) Parents/adults to teach self-discipline and responsibility. They do not need manipulation or trickery. They need to understand the facts and consequences for their... show more

401k penalty pros and cons?

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I have about $13,000 in investments no debt and am 20 years old would you consider that well off for someone my age? I have always wanted to be wealthy one day as I come from a poor family. So that s mainly why I am asking.

Best answer: I’m sure they will

I live in Wisconsin, USA.

Best answer: Probably.not.