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I'm a 23 year old stay at home momma. I've literally never had anything in my name, everything gets taken care of by my fiance since he's the bread winner. I cant get credit cards because I literally have no credit history. Lol. Anything else i can do to build my credit? Thoughts appreciated

Do you think I was wrong?

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A few months ago I let my brother take over the payments on a car. The car was my daughter s but she was not paying the car note on time and it was messing up my credit. So I let my brother take over the car notes. He failed at his word also. He was making late payments and it was reflecting on my credit report. I... show more

Credit card cancelled on its own?

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I have a credit card that I paid off like two years ago and haven’t used it and I looked on my credit karma account and it says it’s closed now. It closed February 17th 2019. I didn’t close it though. I don’t care that’s its closed but I’m just wondering is it because I haven’t used it in a couple years? I have... show more

I am 18, I have been working in construction making $15 an hour for 2 months, I want to finance at my local dealer a dualsport motorcycle (around $4500) would j need credit for the and how do I go about this? I am in California

I've been employed for the last 3 months and have over $15,000 and was wondering if 1 or 2 credit cards would be a good idea. I have an excellent credit score with no defaults recorded on it, I always pay my bills on time, and I am wanting to consolidate all my debts into one credit card, so I don't have... show more

Credit card question??

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Best answer: First, you should never run up a balance on any account that is near your limit (for credit purposes, maxing out a card looks like you do not know how to handle credit). Paying as much as possible is never a bad idea since it reduces the overall amount of interest you will be charged. In other words, stop using... show more

I have three credit cards I need to pay off, 500, 1300, and 3450. I have about 1000 dollars to put towards paying off some debt. would it be better to completely pay off the 500 one and then use the leftover sum for one of the others? or put all of it into the biggest debt? or put even amounts into all three?... show more

Best answer: Might be treated as a cash advance...there are fees associated with the credit card... The cash app likely pays 3-5% of the amount as a fee to the credit card they would deduct that amount anyway.

Can Chapter 7 ruin my credit?

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Best answer: Yes. It definitely will. Not only that but it creates a public record for life. Anyone looking will see that you filed Ch. 7. Also, bankruptcy doesn't discharge all debts, just some of them. You should probably work toward paying off the debt. Get a second job for a year or so.

Best way to repair bad credit?

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I got my first credit card my freshman year of college, I maxed out the card as well as missed payments. I wasn’t working. I was very irresponsible with my credit card whatsoever. The last time I checked my credit score was 580. I’m not sure if it’s lower now or not. I set up a plan to pay off my credit card with... show more

I entered a valid card number. Out of curiosity, i tried a different last number. I showed in valid. I tried from 0 to 9. All of them wrong except one. So it means it is easy to decipher a valid card number by trial and error. What do you think ?

I like to keep my credit cards. I am in Vegas.

If I try to use my credit card online & it gets declined because I don’t have enough available credit, will my credit card company have that on record that I attempted to make a purchase or do they only keep track of the ones that go through?

She wasnt getting paid for her mat leave and she told the bank that but they didnt care. Can this happen? Is there anything that can be done? Why didnt they give her a grace period or something.