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Been happening a lot to me lately where the bus driver would pull over at a bus stop and we would just sit there for several minutes. They say it’s to make sure the buses are sticking to schedule but most the time the buses were already running very late and are further delaying it. There’s been times where I’ve... show more

Best answer: While it's possible, this is not something you want to do until you've been working for awhile (at least a year) because you'll pay such a high interest rate that you'll soon be so far "under water" in a loan that you'll wish you had never made the deal. You'll not only end up... show more

Best answer: When they were new, they were pretty good, but like any 14 year old vehicle, how good they are depends mostly on how gently they have been driven and how well they have been maintained. Some might be great, and some might be terrible. If you lack the knowledge and experience to assess a used car, then hire someone... show more

*I know everyone learns at different rates but please just hear me out. I’ve had 7.5 hours of lessons in a manual car and I’ve been told “you’re doing really well, you can drive now” by my old instructor who (who I’ve sacked). I’m able to drive on 50mph roads and have had at least 5 hours experience driving on all... show more

Like when you travel or have your driver's license checked for any reason? I need to know because I don't want anyone to see how ugly I used to be.

Hello, i am 19 years old and o just got my permit last month. I am reluctant to go and take my drivers test because i want to make sure that i am a confident safe driver before i obtain my license. I wasn’t able to go to a driving school sadly so my dad taught me in about 2 to 3 months. I can drive well, parallel... show more

Best answer: Nope, there will always be tourists, visitors and some people who don't hold a licence that need to get out and about, rich or poor.

Best answer: Yes. I've also had an unprovoked incident that involved a bullet being shot through my car.

Best answer: Follow all the rules, pass the written test the first time, practice driving a LOT and when allowed pass the driving test. Can you speed up the process? Hell no.

What is this?

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In the back of our rental Dodge Charger, I found that there in the backseat, there was a black small usb thing with a gap with 2 small prongs plugged in. It had a neodymium magnet that was keeping it apart and I took it out and it clicked together. I need some help and why did it have a magnet in it?

Best answer: Some parts, like tires, belts, hoses, tires, filters and brakes need to be replaced periodically. That's part of owning a car. Other parts will last longer if you maintain your vehicle properly and take care of small issues before they become major. No car is maintenance free.

Best answer: No one issues tickets for spilling gas unless you have a barrel of it and you dump it on the road

Say the car is advertised to be $15,000. Now of course, there are fee costs say let's just say the fees are $500. So now, the total cost is $15,000. Assuming $0 down, Is the car monthly payment based on $15,000 or $15,500??

Best answer: I would suggest one within walking distance, on a public transit line or one that you can carpool to.

I bought a car and they gave a 60 day tag that had double sided tape on the backside of the plastic holder, I went to the tag office and they gave me a temp tag and it took forever pealing that tape off by finger, so I'm wonder what's the best thing to use to take the tape residue off after my tag comes in... show more