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I see people do this in the winter. So I assume theres a good reason. Should I do the same with my car? I just started driving a few months ago

My roommate does this. She sleeps in her car instead of her bedroom. Her car is in the parking lot, running with either the AC or the heat on full blast, while she sleeps for anywhere from 4-8+ hours, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just this week her heat stopped working, like it stopped coming out hot, and I'm not... show more

but how do you know that they actually changed the oil filter.

How do you remove riveted in ball joints? Without damaging the control arm.

I bought a car knowing it would need a new clutch so I got the car cheaper and I drove it for a month or two and then replaced the clutch, but it took about a month to get all the parts as they had to be shipped from a different country anyway when I got the car back and the gearbox was working fine but then there... show more

Cat Converters?

24 answers · 4 days ago
Why do I get so many negative commemts from people when I say take your cat converters off your car? Cat converters are costing the motorists of planet earth millions of $. Many people are rubbishing me, telling me I am wrong without even trying it. Your engine will run better, you will get better gas milage, and... show more

Would this look bad on a car?

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Would it look bad If a car has side Windows tinted but not the rearview windshield? My dad is doing my tint but doesn't have enough for the back. He said it wouldn't be noticeable but I'm not sure.

Car will starts sometimes. When it does, it runs fines. When it doesn t, after a couple times of turning the key it starts but no crank when turning. When that doesn t work I have to connect a piece of metal on the two bolts on the starter solenoid and it starts up. I replaced the starter in the summer, the starter... show more

Seems to run better than it did before the swap. Is this totally in my head, or can a better start effect how well the engine runs overall. To be clear, it seemed to run just fine before he swap, except that the startup was slower and clunkier. Just curious. Thanks!

I need help with my car please???

12 answers · 3 days ago
Hey guys, im 24 year old girl and i drive a 2008 mercedes B200, and my coolant is very low. But i dont know what coolant to put in my car? Is it bad to mix them or do i have to wait for coolant to be completely empty? Can i have some help?? I know its a really dumb question :(

Why won t my car start?

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How bad are car brakes?

24 answers · 5 days ago
I noticed in the last week a big grinding noise from my front brakes. The worst is when I am at my final point of stopping. I feel I need brakes and rotors. I drive less now and may wait until spring. How bad are brakes and what can happen if I wait to fix them?

My Transmission started to overheat and I added ATF instead of CVT by mistake, how long do I have before it destroys my transmission?

Best answer: They have for many years been ordinary filament bulbs and often still are, but some these days can be LEDs etc.