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Changing engine oil?

20 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: dependiing on miles between oil change, actual car makers suggested intervals and practical abilities, looks of oil-- filter change with long interval oil change is 'normal'- but every other short interval oil change may be no problem for doing filter- especially if filter is a large 10 micron holding a... show more

What traffic violation would that be called if you bounce the front wheels up then hit the gas (briefly) and release the gas as wheels come down repeatedly?

HOW do I fix this?

10 answers · 2 days ago
I noticed my car has no temperature anymore. I just picked my car up from the body shop btw

2006 Saturn ion, I had the oil change done in Feb and now the car is giving us alerts that it needs an oil change. Is this a common malfunction in this type of car, or do I have to take it in? I’d rather not take it in

My car was in the shop for 3 weeks. The accident happened last November (took months for the other person's insurance to accept responsibility) and I just got it yesterday and my check engine light is now on and it's never been on before. It's only 5 years old and I've only owned it a year. Should I... show more

Have you ever thrown a rod?

25 answers · 5 days ago

Back in June I had my heater core replaced in my 2015 VW Passat tdi. I immediately noticed a gurgling, waterfall sound coming from the dash every time I turn the car off. I didn t want to Hassel with talking my car back to the shop and figured some air got trapped in the system and hopefully it will work it s way... show more

Best answer: It's a rather varied price depending what is checked or repaired (if anything) and how much refrigerant that is actually put in. Some mechanics will simply add a can or 2 of refrigerant, and if cold air comes out, they are finished. But understand that if your a/c system is low on refrigerant, that you have a... show more

Best answer: Sure, take the vehicle to the shop and let them diagnose it. When they tell you what the issue is, decline the repair and take the vehicle. Just be aware that you will be charged for the diagnosis. Many shops have a set rate for this, such as one hour labour for example.

I’ve read that we have about 50 years before we run out of oil. So what happens to gasoline and what the hell can cars run on when they disappear? What can every vehicle run on that’s not gasoline ?

Best answer: Decades ago when the fuel filter for the car I had was owner-accessible and changeable.

Best answer: Your fine. I just hope you are not wasting money. If the tread is good, did you have a Tyre Tech check them out. Could be you only need an internal Patch. Or even the Rims cleaned of rust and debris. Sometimes just using a Aerosol Tyre Leak sealer is good enough (Just warn anyone working on the tyres that you used... show more

this is the paper

Purchased a brand new 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander last week. While driving a small rock came up and chipped a small hole in the plastic mirror housing. Put tape over it to stop the loud whistling noise that the hole is causing, while also preventing debris from getting inside the fixture. Aside from total... show more

Only buy cars with timing chains, correct?

Why does my car not start?

5 answers · 18 hours ago
My 08 Grand Prix cranked but wouldn't start until I reset the oil monitor system and pressed the gas pedal all the way down. When my car started there was a squeaking noise and my ac and heater wouldn't turn on. The car also overheated a little bit as well. After two days of leaving it off I tried to start... show more