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I completely forgot I had to renew it because I moved and didn t change my address yet and for some reason this year, it expired in only four years rather than five. ANYWAYS..... If I renew it by mail, will they send me something that says it is being renewed?? OR will I just have to wait the two weeks?? I was... show more

Is there a grace period where you can still drive in order TO get glasses ? M

I have my own self converted camper van (a ford transit swb) which has been quoted at £800 to ship to USA. However I am confused as to what else I need to pay to drive for 12 months. I need Insurance. Road tax? There is no clear answer I can find online. Is insurance more expensive in the US for a UK license?... show more

Best answer: Don't touch it, you'll only make it worse. Just man up and tell him. What's the worst that can happen? Short of taking your phone away nothing's that terrible.

I just got my temps and I'm under the age of 16. I know I have to have a parent in the passenger's seat while I'm driving but am I allowed to drive a friend with us?

Best answer: Insurance will sell to anyone. You may not like the price but they will sell to you. But, most 20 year olds are on someone elses. (Like a parent or grandparent) If you have a terrible driving record, you will need special insurance that only a few places sell. WHO NEEDS AN SR-22? Laws vary by state, but you may... show more

I went to the driving school and passed the knowledge(written) test and they didn't give me a permit. the lady told me I have to go to another place to get the permit?

(In oregon) if you are 18 & you get your licence, can you drive siblings, friends around? Or do you have to wait 6 months?

Is it the car for causing the collision or the cyclist for not leaving room when overtaking a parked vehicle

Had my bachelorette party this weekend was black out drunk and got in a random guy we Mets golf cart to lay day down ended up rolling on the the gas that he left the key in the cart and rear ending a car. Cart had no insurance & got towed and cops said no ones liable now car owner wants me to pay for damage and... show more

Hello, I have recently been trying get a replacement license however have yet to receive it in the mail. I ordered it once about 4 months ago and it never came, and it wasn't sent back. so I called about a month and a half later and they sent another one and I never got that one either. Then I went back to the... show more

I just got married. My DMV was open Saturday, but not my social security. So not thinking, I went and got my drivers license changed, they only needed my marriage certificate. Now, tomorrow, I am going to social security to try to change my name and get a new card. Reading the form, it seems like I need a drivers... show more