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Best answer: It's boring. Sorry.

My art work is good in my humble opinion, but I just don't know why people don't say anything about it.

How do We know Who we are Really.?

7 answers · 2 months ago

What is burning man?

7 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: The short story is people go out into the desert once a year for a week or so to party, celebrate art, and protest corporate greed. On the last night they set fire to a large wooden structure symbolic of 'The Man', a.k.a. The Establishment.

Are you a feminist?

3 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: No. And neither are most woman. In fact - in the US and Canada only 22 percent claim to be feminists. And there's a good reason for that. Most women know that feminism has nothing to do with equality and everything to do with destroying everything that THEY consider 'masculine'. Because MEN - in their... show more

Whats a good name for a fake college?

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Best answer: College is for hippies and sesspool salesmen. Choose something else to make up.

My cellphone was an outlet to all of my support/advice groups and clubs, my friends and my writing. My mom trashed it completely, my art supplies were thrown out, and now I'm left with nothing but my PC (if I'm lucky). My friends never really want to hang out with me in real life, so without the cellphone... show more

Best answer: Yep. My couch's are too soft to sit up for any length of time.

Best answer: Hint: Yahoo Answers is NOT a bad fan fiction posting site.

What are Cardboard Characters?

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Best answer: Never heard of it. The above definition should suffice.

The character s first name will be "Jack". I need a last name that goes well with Jack - no jokes. I ve tried thinking of a few last names, but came up with nothing. The character is decently tall. About 5 11, loves playing video games, sometimes shy and loves roleplaying. Any ideas?

Best answer: Voices of the people you love. Birds. I'm about 3/4 of the way deaf and sometimes on a good day I can still hear birds.