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Best answer: Windows to see outside. A floor that's not dirt. Furniture and furnishings like curtains and linens. Walls for shelter and inside privacy. Plumbing, closets. The ceilings and roof.

Best answer: If you are talking about Cloning, yeah, I am not really OK with that. If you are talking about Organ transplants to save or improve life, that result in both DNA's being detectablein one person? I don't have a problem with it, "God" doesn't pay as much attention to individual acta as he... show more

Best answer: It does indeed. Kudos to satanism.

Best answer: guns are for adults are they not cowboy and soon there were none

Best answer: If you want to why not just do it instead of asking strangers? You don't need anyone's permission as long as your noise isn't being a nuisance (it will be noise in the beginning, lol!), and you don't need to tell anyone about it unless you want to. It's a good feeling to learn new things,... show more

Describe Piet Mondrian artwork?

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Best answer: It was prettier when it was new

I will be talking calc 2, engineering physics, C programming and work on an online training internship for a engineering company that I ll be joining in the spring time. I enjoy reading good literature and want to take a class where I can clear my head from the stem courses I ll be taking. I am thinking of... show more

Who makes the best bass guitars?

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And also do you know what it actually means? (It is not a nazi symbol)

Best answer: Is it that it is thin at one end, fat in the middle and thin at the other end?

I know blacks have always been treated poorly and were segregated before 1960's in America, but what about other races? Did Asians, Muslims, Hispanics and others have laws that kept them out of white spaces?

Are they part of an Art Academy? I am wondering because i need to pick a single icon covering all 3.

Best answer: Art is more expressive, while nature is always changing but still sticking to a natural cycle. It sounds like you have an eye for more expressive pieces. Nature isn't for everyone and same with art

This named after the Van Helsing character in the Nosferatu