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Best answer: LOL. At least they won. Can't say the same for the Americans in Vietnam. America has never won a war without allies.

Best answer: Churchill was indeed a whisky guzzling war criminal who ordered the indiscriminate bombing of Berlin and Dresden to target civilians, specifically women and children, and brought the Blitz on London that killed our civilians. This was totally unnecessary since Hitler made repeated peace proposals that were rejected.

Best answer: Not a lot of point. If America fights China the war will be over in a couple of hours, and both countries will be irradiated craters.

Supposedly if you go back 10000 years or more in time it wasn't covered in ice and the climate could have been nicer. Could there have been people and animals and vegetation there? Has anybody drilled down far enough under the ice? Did they find dinosaur heads? Did they find treasure and stone tools and axes?... show more


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Best answer: Both sides looked stupid in gas masks - what a way to die.

Best answer: Actually it was a fluke that Caesar defeated the Gauls - because under Vercingetorix, the Gauls put all their eggs in one basket, as it were: that basket being Alesia, which could be surrounded and sieged by the Romans. If the Gauls had only stuck to their hit-and-run guerrilla tactics, Caesar with his mere two... show more

So then slavery would be less racist Or like Irish country slavery or like Australian prison colony re-slaved in the Americas Then it would be a diverse set of people plowing together

Best answer: Yes, all five should be reintroduced to instill discipline into society, but obviously physical punishment of children should be used sparingly and only as a last resort. National Service and hanging are well overdue given the murder rate in this country

Best answer: Yes, the largest mass lynching of whites involved Italian immigrants in 1891 in New Orleans who were accused of murdering the city's police chief, David Hennessy.

Best answer: The students killed in the Kent State shootings were not involved in the protests, it was completely unjustified to open fire on them, let alone the fact the NG had live ammo, when they were not supposed to.