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Who is the biggest pig in sport?

9 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: One of the few sports where being overweight is an advantage is sumo wrestling, and the current world champion is a Mongolian gentleman called Hakuho.

Best answer: i dont think so, that has nothing to do with joining the arnny

I ask this in a lot of places, but get a wide range of answers. There are some people who say that all five of the branches have it. Some tell me it's the marines and navy only. One guy said just the coast guard. Others say all but the navy. One said just the air force. What about all these answers all over... show more

Best answer: Go to japan, China , thailand etc

Why have a TV in the living room if one is already in your bedroom?

Ha ha. I do my homework after school anyway, so now I have access to the library. And, the detention teacher next week is Miss Bandini. She just graduated with her education degree. First year teachers are soooo easy. Plus, she is a hottie from Colombia who won Miss Bogata Teen. She wears shorts skirts and... show more

Why aren't the pretty smart?

10 answers · 4 weeks ago

Best answer: It's crazy, isn't it? I used to wake up at 5:30am every morning when I was in the military. These days, waking up at 7am for college classes is like mission impossible lol.

Jobs for fat people?

17 answers · 4 weeks ago
I weigh close to 500 pounds. What job should I be looking for once I finish high school ?

Best answer: No, Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996 ( so they're 22-37 years old currently)

Give me all Hatsune Miku facts.?

4 answers · 3 weeks ago

Best answer: Yes. I count that. I don't count airport layovers unless I actually get out of the airport...but I count everything else.

Best answer: Bliss