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I was watching the movie Holes and during the sentencing part, the judge says “ I could send you to jail, and I would not lose one bit of sleep over it” where is he getting at when he makes that statement? Mainly what I’m asking is what does it mean if someone states a decision of theirs and says “ and I would not... show more

Best answer: Capitalist.

A person who gets mad easily, but is quick to cool down.

What does this mean to you?

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Best answer: Romantic and inspirational.

Best answer: It means you want to talk to them. Usually, someone who says, "I want to have a word with you" is unhappy about something.

Does "warm milk" mean "hot milk" ?

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Best answer: Have went is not grammatically correct. Went is only used without the helper verb. So you could say, "We went", but not "We have went" Most people would say: Have you ever gone to the hospital because you...… or Did you ever go to the hospital because you...….

Best answer: Because they are ignorant. The letter "h" at the beginning of a word is a consonant and takes the indefinite article "a" before it, not "an". The initial "h" is not pronounced in French words and some French words kept their French pronunciation when they arrived in English.... show more

Best answer: close proximity

For example: The table, which my grandmother gave me, is very heavy. Is this right? Should you ALWAYS use a comma before 'which'?

Best answer: That's not a sentence - it's part of a sentence. The subject has been omitted, although it would be understood to mean 'It/he/she/that helped me a lot,' so the omitted word would be the subject.