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Girls, what age did you start wearing makeup?

17 answers · Makeup · 14 hours ago

Poll what color is your hair?

48 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 3 days ago

Poll: Blonde Hair or Brunette?

27 answers · Hair · 2 days ago

Do you think this woman is good looking?

32 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 2 days ago

Did Donald have sex with Ivanka?

14 answers · Politics · 8 hours ago
Best answer: No...

Do you think my hair is too long?

41 answers · Hair · 4 days ago

Difference between plain looking and ugly?

21 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 2 days ago
My mum said when I not wearing makeup i look plain so I got upset and said are you calling me ugly and she said ugly and plain are not the same thing so what's the difference?

Should I even bother losing weight?

27 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 3 days ago
I am 24 and wish to be thin. How much different do you think I would look as thin? I have no kids and not married and not even soon to be lol

White women are so plain, basic, flat, burn in the sun. Like Emma Watson, so overrated and basic. Don't get why guys praise her. She's just a plain Jane and no @$$. I love exotic women like Rhianna, now that's real beauty. And Black Don't crack.

Do you think my hair is too long?

49 answers · Dogs · 5 days ago
Best answer: Not if you can maintain it. As long as you can take care of it and it's not too much of a hassle then it's not too long.

How much is too much?

12 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 20 hours ago

What is this haircut called?

16 answers · Hair · 2 days ago
I have long hair and I wanna get this haircut or something similar. What is this one called? Thanks!

Should I walk down the street wearing only a small woman's thong?

13 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 1 day ago

Generally, why are White women considered more beautiful than Black women?

18 answers · Other - Beauty & Style · 2 days ago
Not just in White majority countries. Even in Black majority countries, lighter skin is considered more beautiful. Why is this the case? Is it related to "evolution"?

What's my eye color?

11 answers · Other - Skin & Body · 1 day ago

What color dress pants should a guy wear with a light purple button down?

9 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 19 hours ago

How to convince my man to get a haircut?

25 answers · Hair · 4 days ago
My boyfriend has long and thicker hair than me I'm so f**king jealous. My hair is quite long, mid-back length, but it's very flat. His hair is currently hip-length now and it's sooo thick. When I met him, he had shoulder length hair and that was fine, but he's been growing his hair out for the past... show more