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Best answer: I'm really tired of seeing Hollywood force their political views down my throat. They are paid billions to play dress up, so how would they know how the world works? It's funny how they always criticize Trump for his behavior and arrogance yet they act just like him. Plus they used to worship him when he... show more

Isn't Michael Jackson a white guy?

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Best answer: Nah im good Thank you

Why is Michael Jackson so popular?

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Why is Michael Jackson so loved?

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Michael Jackson or Prince?

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Best answer: "Love Yourself".

Do you like Michael Jackson?

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My cousin told me that Michael Jackson wanted to change his skin color and had an operation to change his skin color,and that he was crazy becasue he did it,and he also said that that was the reason he died becasue he had alot of operations.Is it true?

There has been a lot coming up at the moment about Michael Jackson and the allegations against him. People are boycotting his music and refusing to listen to him because of allegations against him. Can you seperate the art (good music) from the person that Michael Jackson is and still listen to his music?

Who is your celebrity crush?

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Go! Mine is Cole Sprouse! He is sooooo sexy!

I’ve noticed that there white and he was originally black, wouldn’t his blood still be considered “black” if that makes sense???

Best answer: It doesn't concern him, but like everyone else he has an opinion on it. The media have their own agenda and will literally shove a microphone in anyones face if they have the same viewpoint and if they are a celebrity then even better. Still, only an idiot would consider his opinion to be valid.

3 questions: (1) How did Tina Malone get a photo of Jon Venables ? (if from online, then why arent other people fined also) (2) I searched, and his photo is on MANY websites. So why aren't the owners of these media websites getting jailed and fined ? (3) Why is Tina Malone (successful actress?) so low... show more