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Were you a good boy/girl in school?

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Best answer: I think it is a myth that robots will take over the world and humans Because the creators of robots surely don't put something like human brain in robots' head

What's the point in school uniform?

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Best answer: It reduces bullying by creating a degree of uniformity, it doesn't eliminate it. It takes more to do that (though you'll still never get rid of bullying entirely.) A well chosen uniform simplifies things a lot. Otherwise you have to waste time and energy fighting the culture wars of what does or does not... show more

Should I do my summer reading?

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I’m a freshman who’s taking English honors. it’s a requirement we read two books and write two outlines for each book. me being the teenager I am, I procrastinated. school starts on Wednesday (two days) but the actual assignments aren’t due until Friday. I was wondering if it’s worth doing? should I skip? like is... show more

The only job you can get with a high school degree is a job at McDonalds.

Best answer: The oldest person born in the 21st century is 18 years of age. The minimum age to be president is 35, so no one born in this century will be old enough to run for POTUS until the year 2035 arrives (2036 will be the first election where those born in 2000 and 2001 can run for POTUS).

i have severe social anxiety and i’ve tried every single program and iep at my high school. i want the diploma from the town i’ve grown up in, but i’m done trying to go. i am apart of plenty of social activities outside of school that i could still attend. it isn’t about being nervous to go to school, it’s about... show more

Best answer: People use all kinds of colors. Personally, I have a black Jansport, to keep it basic. When choosing a backpack make sure that 1. it's big enough to fit all your supplies and 2. it's not too bright or colorful. Having patterns on your backpack might not go with every outfit you have, so sticking to a solid... show more

Year 11 advice?

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Best answer: I just finished year 11 (1 week 3 days until results...) and I really wished that I hadn't panicked so much from the beginning, but there are things that are very useful to do throughout the year! 1. Do homework on the day you get it, except for essays which you should plan on the day you get them (nice... show more

I m asking for myself because I am a freshman in high school and I ve worked my *** off ever since I was in first grade. I ve skipped grades for certain subjects and have never gotten a B in my life. I want to skip one day to wait in line for a concert but my dad straight up refuses, telling me that "I ll... show more

Best answer: The normal age for 8th grade students will be 13-14... so while you're on the high-side of the age range (as your birthday is just over a week from the state's cutoff), you're still within the normal range. The only side-effect here is that you'll generally be the oldest in your class unless... show more

Here are the classes I'm taking: 1st semester - Ceramics 1 (1 credit) -Principles of Biomedical Sciences (1 credit) -Intro to 3D Art (1 credit) -Honors French 2 ( 1 credit) -Honors Algebra 2 (1 credit) -Honors Chemistry (1 credit) -Honors English 9 (1 credit) 2nd Semester - Digital Applications and... show more

Best answer: I answered your other question- yes, you're going to be almost a full year older than some of the other students in your class. You're going to be 18 when you start your senior year. That gives you some advantages- you'll be driving before your classmates, and you'll have more cognitive maturity,... show more

Best answer: I've been through this before and I promise you no one cares so don't be scared if you get lost. Just ask teachers where everything is and eventually you'll know your way around. I made friends quickly through my classes where we worked in groups and teams so you'll be fine. You have the next four... show more