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Hello, lately I’ve been wondering what our legs would say if they could speak and I would like to know what would yours say?

I just got my paper back from my teacher and was knocked off quite a few points due to spaces after a period? I only put one space between because I thought that was what you were supposed to do and what I’ve been doing all my life. Help?

My alien race sent me here to compile data in order to help them decide whether to destroy planet Earth or allow it to continue its existence. Do you have any input for me to pass along to my superiors?

and the 1 percent that's CAPITALISM.... Is that what they taught YOU in school??????

Best answer: No way. Prohibiting noise, which prevents healthy sleep, is not the same as upholding the right to criticize government policies or officials, which the First Amendment was designed to protect.

I'm writing paper about euthanasia. I need a section of the paper to be ethical issues (or something like that). I want that section to be a euthanasia patient donating their organs. Do you think that topic would work well in the Ethical issue portion of my paper? Can you give me your thoughts on why or why... show more

What’s your favourite food?

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Best answer: Right now - I'm really enjoying Taco's. I have them twice a week!