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The only reason I can't decide is because I would need help to pay for it, even if its just advise on how to deal with having a credit card for the first time. My mom already knows I want one and she told me I should wait till I'm at least in college but my boobs make me feel so self conscious (I wear an A... show more

Best answer: Something else that is even more ironic! There are more girls/women that are over weight compared to boys/men also these days!

Autism caused by poor parenting?

57 answers · Mental Health · 3 days ago
So, I was at Target yesterday, and walking through the toy aisle, I saw a father and his son looking at toys. The father was letting his son pick out a toy, but here's the thing: That "son" was not a toddler, not a young kid, not a teen, but a young man. I decided to go up to the dad and ask him a few... show more

Why are guys constantly horny?

25 answers · Men's Health · 2 days ago

Which matters more, girth or length?

21 answers · Men's Health · 1 day ago

Does anyone have any stories of hope?

4 answers · Mental Health · 10 hours ago
I'm going through a really bad depression. I'm a single mother with 1 child, I'm homeless, no car just lost job because I had to move to a different state. I just don't k ow how I'm going to make it

How do you deal with the success of an ex boyfriend?

11 answers · Mental Health · 1 day ago
Best answer: People often change as they grow older and mature. Some people are late bloomers. You however wilted on the vine it seems. Find some motivation and become a success yourself.


16 answers · Other - General Health Care · 19 hours ago
I am a woman 33 years old 6 feet 250 pounds. I have never experienced sex or even kissed a man. All men seem to nice to me but when I try to get to know them closely they all just walk away from me. Is it because I have ADHD (Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), Bipolar Disorder and Eating Disorder. Why... show more

I’m on anti depressants but I feel depressed and lonely.

I don’t care about school anymore? What do I do?

8 answers · Mental Health · 1 day ago
I struggle with depression and anxiety, I take medicine for both of them. Lately I haven’t been motivated to do any homework, any work in class, or study. And I have good grades and I am in all honors classes. I don’t know what to do

Best answer: About 5 pounds.

My boobs are quite small but saggy and bras feel constrictive. I don't need a bra but my mother says it would prevent my boobs ftom sagging to my navel. I doubt that's true but now I'm a bit worried. I havent noticed a difference in like 3 weeks of doing this besides my breasts are still getting smaller... show more

Best answer: First, the government TAKES their businesses 'for the public good', Then taxes the living s#it out-of what they have left. magically they AREN'T RICH anymore !!!

Best answer: If you're in America, there is the Hyde Amendment. This prohibits tax dollars going for abortions. Unless she's been severely traumatized enough to satisfy male vanity. Rape, she's dying, raped then dying would really get those that get to decide this off like rockets on the Fourth of July.

Can somebody give me some weight loss tips that really work?

64 answers · Diet & Fitness · 5 days ago

Why do atheists blame Christians for their SHORTCOMINGS?

13 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 1 day ago

How do I be happy, or should I just give up?

7 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
I've been depressed for years, I've seen many therapists psychologists and doctors none of which seem to help. I've been on many medications, tried alternative stuff, tried healthier life habits, everything. Nothing really works, and if it does, not for long. I've attempted suicide a few times, but... show more

Do weight loss shakes work?

26 answers · Diet & Fitness · 4 days ago
I need to lose weight, are meal replacement shakes safe? I’ve read if you don’t consume enough calories a day it won’t matter how much you workout if your body doesn’t have all the calories it needs you’ll stay were your at, is this true? I’m eating way less calories and working out 40 minutes a day and having no... show more