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Best answer: Yes, you have to disclose. Large cash deposits or purchases are indicators of illegal activity, like drug sales, money laundering, etc. Your line of business would be perfectly legitimate, but you need to have documentation of where that money is coming from. Photographs of what you are selling. Bills of Sale... show more

Pay off mortgage faster while saving on interest?

20 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 1 day ago
I have a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. In addition to making my monthly mortgage payments, if I pay towards my principal, will I save on interest? If yes, does that mean once the principal amount has been paid off, there is no more interest?

If it's an auto loan the lender can reposess your car. If it's a home loan, the lender can repossess your house. If it's a credit card you aren't making the payments on, the credit card company can cancel your card. But can the student loan lender repossess your education or cancel your degree?

I need to find a way to come up with a million dollars fast, please help, time is of the essence

Why don't they just let California burn?

12 answers · Italy · 5 hours ago

When the prices of houses come down will rent also go down?

17 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 1 day ago
I would certainly think it would if we have a housing crash like we've had before.

Why are so many rentals listed with property management companies?

16 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 1 day ago
Don't owners ever manage their own properties anymore & want to show them themselves? It's difficult to deal with property management companies & be able to view rentals. They seem to also have way too many rules & regulations. We would like to be able to meet the owners & see if we like them.

You already have turned away other possible tenants, but they do seem troublesome right from the beginning. What is the best and fair way, for the landlord to handle this situation? Advice needed. Thanks.

Is 3 phone interviews too much?

11 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 9 hours ago
Best answer: I think it's a sign of unnecessary bureaucracy within the company. I've worked for companies like that and they are not to my liking. That being said, there is no harm in continuing with the interviewing process, so long as you're not holding your breath for this one job. Continue your job searching... show more

My landlord is taking me to court what should I do ?

13 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 10 hours ago
I start my new job next week. It’s sad but I owe him 2 months worth of rent can’t beileve I let myself get behind like this. All together I owe him 1500 dollars. It’s August 14th. I owe him July and August I’m honestly not going to be able to make that up in 2 weeks. I need a month at least. Do you think he would... show more

How do we force people born in the 20th century to hand over their careers to us?

16 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 2 days ago
Best answer: We aren’t giving our careers to people under the age of 19.

How much should I be spending on rent?

23 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 2 days ago
I have about 8,000 in savings. I make around 1600 a month. I get other jobs here and there other than my full time job, but they all vary monthly. I’ve toured so many apartments and the least expensive while still being safe is $715 a month, not including any utilities. This is a one bedroom because I’d rather live... show more

What should i buy with my money?

32 answers · Personal Finance · 4 days ago
Got a job....not sure what to buy tbh.

I have a tax question?

14 answers · Other - Taxes · 1 day ago
I was just wondering if someone delivers pizza for a living & if that someone finances a new or used car & they use it for deliveries, can they write of the payments on their taxes?

How to start your own video rental store?

11 answers · Small Business · 10 hours ago
Netflix put Blockbuster out of business and since there is no way to open that franchise back up. How do I go about starting my own video rental service store and succeeding?

When is it time to quit my job?

9 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 5 hours ago
So I've been working at home depot for over 2 and a half years. It's a part time job while I'm in college. So far the job is kind of stressful because of the amount of work and management is lazy. I'm not really in desperate need of money because I live with my parents. Only real bill i have is my... show more