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Son likes poetry what to do?

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Toughest poem to recite?

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Wrote a poem for our 3 month. We are both 20. Any advice helps thanks! Everything about you I admire Truly an angel sent from a higher I was put on this planet for one purpose And that is to show you what your worth is And as long as we are together I promise To love and to protect you and always be... show more

Please help!?

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1. Both Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson were influenced by the Romantic Era ideas and thoughts. Choose one of those two poets. Provide at least two ways that he or she reflects Romantic Era thinking (see insert above) in his or her writing, each in its own paragraph, giving examples from this poet's work that... show more

It's amazing that this holier than thou attitude comes from people that the universe came from nothing and that life is pointless. Let's make this clear to you dear Atheists. Believers are not angels. Heck even angels showed anger towards unbelievers. We aren't supposed to love everyone either. These... show more

Best answer: yes, that's what I said.

Are you afraid to write poetry?

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Where is my straight jacket?

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How is my writing skills?

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Efforts times zero, When you overexert yourself pretending to be the one you can never be... So, how can you possibly not underestimate yourself? How can you still be proud while gazing at the mirror? Maybe, we somehow exaggerate while hoping; While we run forgetting the obstacles... Not every trust is a safe... show more

This the following a Haiku poem.?

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Halloween is near cats bats ghost and ghoulies all come to party just asking I made it up and was asking, never good at them.

Best answer: A lone defiant President Called Andrew Jackson Did all he could to stop a precedent Of European banks against our nation Assassins tried to stop him stopping banks Becoming America's assassination first attempt But luckily the gun misfired shooting blanks And Jackson harbored nothing but contempt Against the... show more

Best answer: Poem About Holding In Pain You see a smile on the outside, But that's all you can see. What if tears run down my face on the inside? You hear a laugh on the outside, But that's all you can hear. What if I'm crying out for help on the inside? You smell the scent I wear every day on the outside, But... show more